Enhance your late payment collection processes

Enhance your late payment collection processes

Create custom collection sequences combining emails, calls and letters depending on your customer segmentation

Increase your cash balance

with reduced payment delays

Launched in 2016
Save time

for your collection team with fully or semi automated processes

Agicap, the cashflow management software
Improve work flow

with a centralised platform and guided processes

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Streamline your late payment collection processes with various channels and custom levels of automatisation

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Combine the most efficient late payment collection channels

  • Send email reminders after inspiring from professional collection templates, and always attached the PDF document

  • Include call actions in your late payment collection process for your key accounts

  • Send physical letters when you need escalation and proof of seriousness

Make sure you use the right dunning channel depending on client and escalation

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Create custom automated or guided sequences

  • Fully automate your collection process with automated emails, letters, and call tasks creation

  • Keep validation steps for your Key Accounts and keep the right level of human interaction

  • Schedule sequences for each single invoice or choose grouped reminders to include all the invoices for your multi-invoices clients

Structure your collection process either with automated or suggested custom actions

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Segment your clients and invoices for custom collection

  • Segment your clients depending on size, geography, or business unit to assign custom collection sequences

  • Tag your “in dispute” invoices to easily track them and exclude them from the other processes

  • Assign the right collection owners and account managers to your clients to enhance collaboration

Make sure your collection and sales teams can collaborate and adapt the methods depending on the type of client

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Reporting and collaboration

Collaborate on a single platform and easily export important data.

Integration with your tools

Integrate data from your billing tool directly into Agicap.

Cash flow forecast

Better visibility with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast.

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