Speed up your collections and reduce late payments

Agicap automates customer reminders (emails, letters) to save you time in monitoring your receivables

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Centralise the monitoring of your receivables

  • Synchronise your invoices to monitor your outstanding amounts and ageing balance in real time

  • Detect the main payment delays and prioritise your collection actions

  • Centralise your email reminders, notes and call reports in a single interface

Use a collaborative tool to involve your teams and promote efficient collection

Automate the recovery of your customer invoices

  • Create customised follow-up templates, or take advantage of our templates

  • Automate your recovery plans and combine email, mail and telephone communication

  • Customise a progressive escalation of tone, contacts, and follow-up channels

Analyse your performance and improve your cash flow

  • Have an up-to-date cash flow forecast in real time thanks to payment commitments

  • Monitor the improvement of your payment times and optimise your WCR

  • Analyse your indicators by customer, by type of account, or by salesperson and automate your reporting

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Frequently asked questions

What is accounts receivable follow-up software?collapse

An account receivable follow-up software is a tool that facilitates the collection of customer receivables. Common features of follow-up software are: collection management, follow-up templates, recurring invoices, follow-up templates according to the level of escalation, etc. It is used to improve the monitoring of the entire receivables process.

Why us a account receivable follow-up software?expand

An account receivable follow-up software allows you to track current and future follow-ups, automate reminder tasks faster than with reminder letters, and accurately track collected receivables. The main reasons for using a follow-up software are to reduce the uncertainty of outstanding receivables, save time by automating tasks, and to monitor your collection status. In addition, it reduces your DSO and optimises your WCR.

How does an account receivable follow-up software work?expand

An account receivable follow-up software generally works as a dashboard, monitoring all outstanding and incoming invoices. The best follow-up software allows you to edit the mailing format according to the different customers or main types of customers to save a considerable amount of time. The follow-up planning and automation function is an important step for the creditor, and allows the credit manager to focus on the collection tasks that need the most attention. Follow-up software is often designed to work in a team environment with features such as invoice payment status and comments, to keep track of potential exchanges with the customer, for example.

How do you use an account receivable follow-up software like Agicap efficiently?expand

To effectively remind a customer, you need to build momentum. It is important not to wait for the due date (30-60 days after receipt of goods/services). To do this, we advise you to never lose the customer-supplier relationship by communicating as often and as smoothly as possible. We advise you to set up a follow-up /collection routine (on a specific day of the week for example). Use the software in addition to telephone calls, for the collection of the largest invoices, or the most uncertain outstanding amounts, for example.

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Personalised support to help you master CashCollect

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