Personalised support

Personalised support

A responsive and skilled human service to help you quickly master Agicap.
Ongoing support

to ensure you get the most value from Agicap

Expert advice

to help you become more proficient in managing your cash flow

A hyper-reactive chat

to answer your questions whenever you need

Competent and responsive support

  • Take advantage of our live chat to answer your questions, moderated by the customer support team and open all day long.

  • Rely on our Help Centre for step-by-step progress in your mastery of Agicap.

Complete training

  • You benefit from personalised support right from the first time you start using the system to become independent.

  • A comprehensive process to help you build your cash management skills.

No additional costs

  • Help to get started, support, help in deploying functionality, FAQs... everything is included in your subscription.

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