Manage your cashflow with ease

In an uncertain economic environment, drive your business through cash flow with reliable forecasts and real-time monitoring.

Join more than 3,500 companies that simplify their cash management with Agicap

A software that meets the cash management needs of all SMBs

Improve visibility with reliable cash flow forecasts

  • Constantly forecast your cash flow at 1, 3, 6 or 12 months to make the right decisions and secure your financing needs.

  • Easily simulate the impact of crisis scenarios on your cash flow: drop in turnover, short-time working, delayed loan repayments, etc.

"I can easily manage my cashflow for the next nine months and be sure it will stay in the black."
Frédéric Kern
Manager of HNK

Replace your Excel spreadsheet with automated, real-time cash flow monitoring

  • Save precious time. Agicap integrates with your banks, accounting tools, invoicing tools and automatically updates your cashflow.

  • Stay on top of things and refuse to be satisfied with a month-end cash flow report. Easily follow the day to day evolution of your cash flow.

    "I have saved so much time and I manage my cash flow much more dynamically than with Excel."
    Marianne Besson
    CFO of Cityscoot

Reduce your costs. Obtain financing more easily.

  • Analyse what you are spending on each expense item and reduce your costs to cope with the crisis.

  • In a few clicks, export clear and reliable Excel cash flow forecast reports to make it easier to obtain a loan from your banker, or funding from investors.

    "I exported my forecast in just a few clicks, which will enable me to obtain cash credit lines through the State-guaranteed loan scheme."
    Jean-Christophe Arvat
    Manager of ProTechnologies

Improve visibility of cash flow monitoring for your group

  • Switch from a consolidated group view to the cash flow detail of each entity with one click.

  • Consult the balance of each account through a single interface, and easily export all your data for discussion with your colleagues and financial partners.

"Even though each company has its own cash flow and its own economy, our group view allows us to project more global investments into the future."
Jean-Marie Cavalier
Manager of 3 Pizza Hut franchises

Experts at your service

Our team of cash management specialists will assist you in setting up Agicap, answer all your questions and help you become adept, so that managing your cash flow becomes a real pleasure!

The security of your data is at the core of our concerns

  • At Agicap, we take the security of the information you share with us very seriously.

  • All the data we store is encrypted using high-performance algorithms, the same as those used by banks.

Try it with your own data!