Put cash flow at the heart of your financial management

Put cash flow at the heart of your financial management

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Manage your cash flow in real time

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Automate your customer follow-ups and get paid

Discover our cash management software in 3 minutes

All your cash flow on one interface.

Centralise all your cash flow monitoring on Agicap

  • Synchronise and categorise all your banking transactions automatically

  • Connect your management and ERP tools and have reliable and exhaustive information in real time

  • Forecast and monitor your cash flow by entity or with a consolidated view

I was able to customise Agicap and connect to all of my different bank accounts with different currencies, and integrate it with Xero which is my main accounting software
John Omisade
CEO Vive Scooters

Plan and analyse your cash flow

  • Build your cash flow forecast and compare it to the reality in real time

  • Model and test different development scenarios

  • Calculate your key indicators and build your dashboards, then export and share your reporting

The reason why I chose Agicap over all the cash flow suppliers was because it enabled me to translate my forecasts into cash flow forecasts with the press of a button, as well as integrating with my accounting software and my two different bank suppliers.
Sam Hewitt
CFO of M2A media

Speed up collections and reduce customer payment delays

  • Analyse the main monitoring indicators (ageing balance, payment deadlines, etc.)

  • Create personalised and automated recovery plans

  • Centralise your emails, notes, and call reports

"I would recommend Agicap to anyone that has multiple sites"
Antonia Hampton
Accounting and Finance Director Dough & Co

A solution adapted to SMBs and Mid-Sized Companies

SMBs £1-10 million T/O

Put cash flow at the heart of your company's development

  • Build your cash flow forecast and monitor the achievement of your objectives

  • Create your own reporting and monitor your KPIs

  • Follow up on your late customers

SMBs £10-50 million T/O

Structure cash management at group level

  • Consolidate your management at group level

  • Compare the reality with your forecast in real time

  • Build and automate your late payment collection process

Mid-Sized Companies

Standardise group finance processes and align teams

  • Use a comprehensive collaborative tool and consolidate all your data

  • Anticipate your cash flow by entity or in group vision

  • Build, automate and share your reporting

M2A media
Pontoon & Dock Marine Group
Joelle Guirard from Wyz Group
Wyz Group
I've used many different cash flow softwares in the past, but Agicap is the best I've come across and I would recommend it to any growing or established business.
Sam Hewitt
CFO of M2A media

Integrate your banks and business tools

Automatically integrate all your cash management data into a single interface. Reduce manual work, improve data accuracy and get a more accurate view of your cash flow for better decision-making.

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Like our 6,000 customers, benefit from personalised support

Experts at your service

Like our 6,000 customers, benefit from **personalised** support

Everything is included in your subscription:

  • Set-up and training sessions

  • Expert advice on how to improve your cash management skills

  • Our customer support team is on call Monday to Friday. Guaranteed response in less than 2 minutes.

A solid financial eco-system

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