Build a reliable cash flow forecast

Build a reliable cash flow forecast

Plan the coming months and make informed decisions with our dynamic forecast.

a reliable forecast


your decisions in real time

Launched in 2016

the right decisions

Get a dynamic forecast

Build an intelligent forecast

  • Agicap allows you to analyse your cash flow and outstanding balances to build a reliable forecasting base that you can then easily modify

  • Create reliable cash flow forecasts using a simplified input tool based on your data

Integrate your management tools with Agicap

Synchronise your business tools with Agicap

  • Bring up your data from your business tools automatically (ERP, invoicing, accounting, etc.)

  • Build the most reliable forecast possible from this data

illu scenarios

Analyse and compare your scenarios

  • Create scenarios in just a few clicks to simulate the impact on your cash flow of potential investments, hiring, drop in revenue, late payments or other

  • Overlay to compare your different hypotheses to visualise the different associated cash flow curves

illu P&L

Income Statement Conversion

  • Automatically generate your cash flow forecasts from the projected income statement with our 3-step conversion tool

  • When updating your forecasted income statement, simply re-import it with one click

  • View your profit and loss statement in Agicap: forecast, current and actual

Easily modulate the visualisation of your cash flow projections

Flexible display

  • Easily display the future evolution of your cash flow in the short, medium and long term, with the level of visibility of your choice (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly...), and plan your needs with peace of mind.

Find out how Agicap can help you better manage your cash flow

Cash flow monitoring

Automate and make your cash monitoring more reliable, in real time.

Consolidation of your subsidiaries

In one click, you can navigate through your group flows, at a detailed level, subsidiary by subsidiary.

Integration with your tools

Integrate data from your billing tool directly into Agicap.

Reporting and collaboration

Easily collaborate using the same tool, and export key data for your partners.

Try it with your own data