Dematerialise and automate the management of your supplier invoices

Collect and centralise supplier invoices, structure validation workflows, and automate pre-accounting
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Improve visibility

on your past and future invoices

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Improve control

and peace of mind with the validation rules

Save time

on accounting preparation

Save time throughout the entire invoice cycle, from collection to accounting

Centralise all your invoices and related documents on a single platform

  • Collect invoices from a variety of sources (email, paper, PDF, PPF, etc.) and formats.

  • Take advantage of our OCR extract information from your invoices.

  • Use the search functions to easily find your receipts.

Structure your buying process

  • Set up validation workflows to keep control of your expenditure.

  • Keep track of the payment status of your supplier invoices.

  • Leverage our automatic reconciliation suggestions.

Automate supplier invoices pre-accounting

  • Automate purchase journal generation.

  • Break down your invoices by cost centre.

  • Export your accounting entries to your accounting software or ERP system.

Find out how Agicap can help you better manage your cash flow

Cash flow forecast

Better visibility with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast.

Reporting and collaboration

Easily collaborate using the same tool, and export key data for your partners.

Integration with your tools

Integrate data from your billing tool directly into Agicap.

Frequently asked questions

What is invoice processing software?collapse

Invoice processing software is a digital tool that automates the management of invoices. It's designed to streamline the entire cycle of invoice handling – from receiving and recording to processing and payment. This software significantly reduces manual data entry, cuts down on errors, and ensures a more efficient, organized, and paperless approach to managing invoices. It's a game-changer for businesses aiming to improve their financial workflows, maintain accurate records, and save time and resources in managing financial transactions.

Why use an invoice management software?expand

Implementing invoice management software brings a multitude of benefits:

  1. Efficiency: Automates routine tasks, reducing time spent on manual data entry, and enhance debt management.
  2. Accuracy: Minimizes errors associated with manual processing.
  3. Cost Savings: Cuts down on administrative costs and late payment fees.
  4. Real-Time Tracking: Offers instant access to invoice statuses, aiding in better cash flow management.

It's an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their financial processes and gain a clearer insight into their spending.

Why automate invoice processing management?expand

Automating invoice processing management revolutionizes how businesses handle their financial operations. It speeds up the entire process, allowing for faster invoice processing and timely payments, which is crucial for maintaining good vendor relationships and cash flow. Automation also ensures compliance with financial policies and regulations, a key aspect for any business striving to maintain high standards of financial integrity. As your business grows, the scalability of automated systems becomes invaluable, effortlessly handling increasing volumes of invoices.

Moreover, the insights gained from automated processing are instrumental in financial analysis and decision-making, providing a clear picture of the company's financial health and aiding in strategic planning. In essence, automation turns a traditionally time-consuming and error-prone task into a streamlined, efficient, and data-rich process, empowering businesses to focus more on growth and strategic initiatives.

What are the main features of an invoice processing software?expand

Key features of an effective invoice processing software include:

Centralization: Consolidates all invoices in one place for easy access and management. Reports Generation: Offers the ability to create detailed financial reports, aiding in strategic planning and analysis. Workflow Management: Automates and customizes workflows to ensure efficient processing of invoices according to business rules. These features collectively enhance the financial management capabilities of a business, providing a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for handling all aspects of invoice processing. Each answer is designed to be informative and engaging, highlighting the benefits and features of automated invoice processing software in a way that resonates with potential users.

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