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Our mission is to allow SMBs to focus on the present and future by helping them put cash at the heart of their decision-making.

Our Story

At the beginning of the year, Agicap expands to the UK, and we set our sights on more countries.

This is only the beginning of the story: in 2022, we plan to continue our European expansion, grow the team to 600+ employees and bring our cashflow management solution to 15,000 SMBs.

In April Agicap launches in Spain, and in May a Series B funding raises $100 million. The growth continues as Agicap expands to Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium and the team grows from 100 to 500 Agicapians.

By the end of 2021, Agicap has 5,000 clients across Europe.

The Covid-19 pandemic arrives, and the topic of cash management becomes more relevant than ever for SMBs. Agicap puts in place free webinars to help companies better manage their cashflow in the uncertain economic environment.

To continue helping SMEs face the uncertain economic climate, Agicap raises $18 million in a Series A funding and expands to Germany.

After two years of developing, Agicap raises $3 million to accelerate growth. The team grows to 30 Agicapians and grows from 500 clients at the beginning of the year to 1,000 clients by December.

In January, the first version of Agicap is released as a beta version, with 50 users testing the product and giving continual feedback about what they needed, what they wish was possible. The team uses this feedback to evolve the solution, and the first version of Agicap is released in July.

Agicap is founded in Lyon, France by Sébastien Beyet, Clément Mauguet, and Lucas Bertola after they spoke with several entrepreneurs and realised that there was a huge need for a solution to monitor and anticipate cashflow. They discovered that businesses were mostly using Excel, which was a source of error and very stressful and time-consuming, so they set out to develop a solution.

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