Manage your company's cash flow with ease

By centralising your cash flows and automating tasks, Agicap allows you to focus on the essentials: analysis and decision making.

Improve the performance of your business
Manage and reduce your working capital requirement
Increase your cash surplus
Optimise your financing
Follow your cash receipts and disbursements in real time with Agicap

Automate your cash flow monitoring

  • Visualise your cash position in real time by synchronising your bank accounts and business tools

  • Save time by categorising your flows with our automatic categorisation algorithm

  • Get a clear view of your WCR to understand cash flow discrepancies

Focus on analysis rather than data collection

Get a dynamic forecast

Anticipate the evolution of your cash flow

  • Monitor the differences between the actual and the forecast in real time and immediately detect changes in trajectories

  • Build a reliable forecast and make your investments at the right time with the use of past data, the conversion of the income statement into a cash vision, and Google Sheets imports

  • Switch in one click from a consolidated group view to a detailed view of each entity

Gain visibility to optimise your WCR by up to 20%.

Real time monitoring

Gain peace of mind in your decision making

  • Model the cash impact of different strategies to make informed choices

  • Monitor your business performance in real time with key indicators and dashboards

  • Access higher levels of financing at lower cost thanks to clear, visual and accurate export reports

Instantly adapt to market fluctuations

Collaborate easily with colleagues and partners

Optimise the processes in your company

  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration with a shared interface

  • Save up to 10 hours per week for the finance team with automated cash management

  • Communicate to your shareholders and financial partners with one-click report export

Increase the efficiency of your teams and improve the relationship with your partners

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Your cash flow always at hand!

Track your business performance and view your bank account balances wherever you are.

Learn more about our cash flow management features

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Cash flow monitoring

Automate and make your cash flow monitoring more reliable in real time.

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Cash flow forecast

Better visibility with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast.

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Consolidate your subsidiaries

In one click, switch from a consolidated group view to a detailed view of each entity.

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Discover Agicap's new offers

Supplier Invoice Management

Automate the management of supplier invoices

  • Automated scanning

  • Simplified invoice validation

  • User rights management

  • Pre-accounting export

Customer follow-ups

Get paid in one click and automate your customer reminders

  • Automatic reminders

  • Personalisation of customer reminders

  • Filter due date follow-ups by customer

  • Real time receivables tracking

  • Accounts receivable reporting

  • Collaborative platform

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Experts at your service

Personalised support to help you master Agicap

Everything is included in your subscription:

  • Benefit from dedicated video sessions with our team

  • Expert advice on how to manage your cash flow

  • Our responsive customer support team on chat from Monday to Friday. Guaranteed response in less than 2 minutes.

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