Manage your company's cash flow with ease

By centralising your cash flows and automating tasks, Agicap allows you to focus on the essentials: analysis and decision making.

the performance of your business


your working capital requirement


your cash surplus

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Centralise all your cash on a single interface

  • Connect all your banks and business software in one place

  • Automate synchronisation to have reliable and up-to-date information in real time

  • Define user rights for a collaborative solution

Reduce manual work and improve accuracy of cash flow data

Monitor your cash flow in real time

  • Automate the categorisation of your transactions with a customised hierarchy

  • View your balances at bank, project, subsidiary, or consolidated group level

  • Monitor in real time the differences between the actual and the forecast in any currency

Adapt to market fluctuations and make the right decisions to optimise your working capital

Build a reliable cash flow forecast

  • Build your forecast in Agicap, synchronise it from an external tool, or convert it from your P&L

  • Combine the overview of your balances with short and medium term forecasts in real time

  • Model the cash impact of different development strategies or external factors

Anticipate your cash flow to prevent cash shortages and invest surpluses

Analyse and report on your cash flow

  • Build your own customised dashboards and monitor your indicators, on computer or mobile

  • Export your reports in one click, by subsidiary or at the consolidated group level

  • Identify your main expense items and keep control of your costs

Communicate internally and with your partners through professional reporting

Discover Agicap's other solutions

Customer follow-ups

Get paid in one click and automate your customer reminders

  • Automatic follow-ups

  • Customised customer reminders

  • Monitoring of due dates by customer

  • Real time receivables monitoring

  • Reporting of customer accounts

Like our 6,000 customers, benefit from personalised support

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Like our 6,000 customers, benefit from personalised support

Everything is included in your subscription:

  • Benefit from dedicated video sessions with our team

  • Expert advice on how to manage your cash flow

  • Our responsive customer support team on chat from Monday to Friday. Guaranteed response in less than 2 minutes.

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Track your business performance and view your bank account balances wherever you are.