Consolidate all your businesses

Consolidate all your businesses

Switch in one click from a consolidated group view to a detailed view of each entity.

Save time and gain autonomy: your consolidated view in 1 click

Launched in 2016

Improve visibility: navigate between global views, entity views, etc...

Agicap, the cashflow management software

Improve flexibility with customised and tailored consolidations

Cash flow forecast

Consolidated views of your companies in real time

  • With one click, update your consolidations with your company data in real time.

  • Simply set up all necessary consolidations: by activity, geography, group, etc...

  • The flexible scope of your consolidations adapts to your business: choose the companies, the bank accounts, the categories to be integrated, the time frame, etc.

Real time monitoring

Navigation between the different levels for informed decisions

  • From the overview to the company view, plan your operational trade-offs as well as your long-term strategy

  • Compare the performance of the different entities by incoming or outgoing payment category.

  • Simulate your investment decisions for one or more entities and control the impact on the group.

Easily manage your free cash flow in multiple currencies

All your accounts at a glance with the balance overview

  • Easily track the current and future balances of each of your accounts to decide on any internal transfers

  • Customise your balance overview: choose your visual alert thresholds, the accounts to display

Easily modulate the visualisation of your cash flow projections

The option to export in one click

  • Export your consolidated views and share them with top management, or your financial partners

Agicap offers us a consolidated view of the different bank accounts, and our different companies, so that we truly have an overview of the group's cash position.
Profile Picture Joëlle Guirard
Joëlle Guirard
CFO of Wyz Group

Find out how Agicap can help you better manage your cash flow

Cash flow monitoring

Automate and make your cash monitoring more reliable, in real time.

Cash flow forecast

Better visibility with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast.

Integration with your tools

Integrate data from your billing tool directly into Agicap.

Reporting and collaboration

Easily collaborate using the same tool, and export key data for your partners.

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