Consolidate all your businesses

Consolidate all your businesses

Switch in one click from a consolidated group view to a detailed view of each entity.
Save time

and gain autonomy with our consolidated view of all your bank accounts

Launched in 2016
Better Understand

your data, navigate seamlessly between global views, entity views, and more

Agicap, the cashflow management software
Improve flexibility

with customised and tailored consolidations

Manage your group's cash flow, by entity and with a consolidated view

Transition effortlessly from a subsidiary view to a comprehensive view

Achieve greater visibility in group-level cash flow monitoring and gain valuable insights

  • Easily update your consolidations with real-time company data in just one click.

  • Stay updated on your consolidated cash flow plan in real-time with the latest information from your subsidiaries.

  • Get a quick overview of your bank account status with balance table feature.

Track your cash position on both an entity-level and consolidated basis with advanced tracking capabilities.

Manage your cash flow at a consolidated level

  • Accurately forecast the expected cash arrival for each entity and perform any necessary balancing operations with the help of balance tables and alerts.

  • Easily compare the performance of each entity through our graphical interface and identify growth opportunities.

  • Anticipate any budget deviations and analyse key income and expenditure items.

Compare the performance of each entity and their contribution to overall growth.

Access your cash flow balance

Keep your cash at your fingertips with our mobile application

  • Monitor your key indicators: current balance, main incoming and outgoing payments, amount of overdue receivables, etc.

  • Personalized dashboards to follow performance of the entity in real time.

  • Export your reports and share them easily with your partners, internally and externally.

Stay up-to-date with your group's financial performance indicators and proactively identify potential growth gaps

Easily manage your free cash flow in multiple currencies

Manage multiple currencies effortlessly

  • Centralised solution for companies dealing with multiple currencies.

  • Convert your cash information into your account's primary currency using daily exchange rates.

  • Keep control over the exchange rates applied to implement your hedging strategy or standardise your reporting between your different tools.

Discover how Wyz Group uses Agicap to consolidate their cash flow data

Agicap offers us a consolidated view of the different bank accounts, and our different companies, so that we truly have an overview of the group's cash position.
Profile Picture Joëlle Guirard
Joëlle Guirard
CFO of Wyz Group

Find out how Agicap can help you better manage your cash flow

Reporting and collaboration

Collaborate on a single platform and easily export important data.

Integration with your tools

Integrate data from your billing tool directly into Agicap.

Cash flow forecast

Better visibility with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast.

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