Easily integrate your tools

Agicap integrates directly with your management tools, for simple and centralised monitoring of your cash flow.

Improve reliability. Your invoices automatically feed your cash flow forecasts.

Save time. The information from your various tools is fed back to Agicap in real time.

Simplify your life. No more juggling between your different tools.

Cash flow forecast

An enriched and reliable forecast

  • Feed your forecast directly with your outstanding sums, filter the information to be reported, and control visibility.

  • Set alerts to avoid non-payment and protect your cash flow with ease.

Automatic and native integration of your data

  • Take advantage of numerous native integrations with renowned tools such as Sage, Sellsy, Stripe, Quickbooks and many more.

  • Add the connector in two clicks and enjoy global operation of your management solutions.

Integration possible with all management tools

  • Import information from your invoicing or accounting tool with our simplified transfer matrices.

  • Customise your balance overview: choose your visual alert thresholds, the accounts to display, etc.

Find out how Agicap can help you better manage your cash flow

Cash flow monitoring

Automate and make your cash monitoring more reliable, in real time.

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Cash flow forecast

Better visibility with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast.

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Consolidation of your subsidiaries

In one click, you can navigate through your group flows, at a detailed level, subsidiary by subsidiary.

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Reporting and collaboration

Easily collaborate using the same tool, and export key data for your partners.

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