The cash flow management tool designed for restaurateurs

The cash flow management tool designed for restaurateurs

Stay in control! Control your restaurant's cash flow with reliable forecasts and real-time monitoring.

A clear, reliable and consolidated view of the cash position of all their restaurants

Significant time saving thanks to automated real-time cash flow monitoring

Reliable projections thanks to our intelligent forecasting tool and the monitoring of key indicators

Challenge your predictions with our sensitivity analysis

Improve visibility with reliable cash flow forecasts

  • Constantly forecast your cash flow at 1, 3, 6 or 12 months to make the right decisions and secure your financing needs.

  • Easily simulate the impact of crisis scenarios on your cash flow: drop in turnover, short-time working, cancellation of jobs, etc.

Agicap synchronises directly with your banks

Replace your Excel spreadsheet and follow the cash flow of your restaurants in real time.

  • Save precious time. Agicap integrates with your banks, accounting tools, cash management software and invoicing tools to update your cash flow automatically.

  • Stay on top of things and refuse to be satisfied with a month-end cash flow report. Easily follow the evolution of your facilities' cash flow on a day-to-day basis.

Agicap automatically categorises your bank flows

Reduce your costs and obtain financing more easily.

  • Analyse what you spend on each restaurant and each expense item. Reduce your costs to cope with the crisis.

  • In a few clicks, export clear and reliable Excel cash flow forecast reports to make it easier to obtain a loan from your banker, or funding from investors.

Easily modulate the visualisation of your cash flow projections

Monitor your return on investment for each of your facilities

  • Easily and automatically track all your cash receipts and disbursements categorised by sales channel, payment method, type of expense, institution, etc.

  • Make the best decisions for your establishment and develop your business in the most efficient manner.

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