Gain visibility over you debt strategy

Gain visibility over you debt strategy

Manage your group's debt, focus on analysis and decision making thanks to an automatically synchronized forecast.
Centralise debts

automatically and without errors

Automate calculation

of past and forecasted interest repayments

Agicap, the cashflow management software
Improve reporting

on your debt-related key indicators

Save precious time in obtaining your cash flow forecast

Reliably automate the centralisation of your amortization tables

  • Centralise, manage and stock all your fixed and variable-rate bank loans and leases, in just a few clicks

  • Consolidate your group debt by choosing the granularity of your choice: subsidiary, country, sector, type of debt, bank...

  • Obtain automated interest repayment forecasts to anticipate the impact of debt on your cash flow

Make informed decisions with an up-to-the-minute forecast

Anticipate your forecasted interest repayments on variable rates loans

  • Automatically calculate the interests on your variable-rate loans, thanks to daily updates of the latest EURIBOR rates

  • Obtain an up-to-date forecast at all times

  • Manage your various hedging instruments (CAP, SWAP, FLOOR) directly in Agicap

  • Apply them over their period or amount of application, and track the amount of hedged interests

Make debt data more reliable, so you can concentrate on analysis

Analyze your key debt management data

  • Graphically display your key debt management indicators: principal outstanding, interest repaid and to be repaid, debt servicing, net debt...

  • Make informed decisions about your debt: taking out a new loan vs. auto financing, early repayment...

  • Negotiate and asses your level of exposure by bank thanks to : the volume of operations, bank fees invoiced, interest repayments and outstanding capital by bank

Communicate internally and with your business partners thanks to high-impact reporting

Find out how Agicap can help you better manage your cash flow

Reporting and collaboration

Collaborate on a single platform and easily export important data.

Integration with your tools

Integrate data from your billing tool directly into Agicap.

Cash flow forecast

Better visibility with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast.

Frequently asked questions

What is debt management software?collapse

Debt management software, like Agicap, is a crucial tool for businesses looking to optimize their treasury management. Agicap is not merely a debt management software but a comprehensive treasury software that helps businesses get a clear view of their financial situation, monitor and manage debts, plan repayments, and make informed decisions for better financial health. Agicap combines advanced features with an intuitive user interface to make treasury management simple and efficient.

What is debt management software used for?expand

The primary purpose of debt management software is to help businesses efficiently organize and manage their debts. Agicap, however, goes beyond simple debt management by providing tools for comprehensive treasury management. With Agicap, businesses can not only plan and monitor repayments but also forecast cash flow, manage cash flows, and optimize financial management. Having a clear view of their financial situation enables businesses to make more informed decisions and better manage their treasury.

How do I choose debt management software?expand

Choosing debt management software requires considering several factors, such as the features offered, ease of use, compatibility with existing tools, and cost. Agicap offers a comprehensive range of treasury management features, an intuitive user interface, and easy integration with major accounting software. Moreover, Agicap offers various pricing plans to suit the needs and budget of each business. It is also recommended to request a demonstration or a free trial to evaluate the software before making a decision.

What are the features of debt management software?expand

The features of debt management software can vary but usually include planning repayments, monitoring due dates, calculating interest, and generating reports. Agicap goes beyond by offering additional features for comprehensive treasury management, such as cash flow forecasting, cash flow management, variance analysis, and integration with accounting software. Agicap allows you to centralize all your financial information in one place and manage your treasury efficiently.

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