Café Coton, the shop that manages its cash flow smoothly

Business sector: Fashion, Retail
Where: Fuveau, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
Cashflow challenges: make cash management more reliable in the face of very large expenditure peaks

E.T. Diffusion, a Café Coton licensee, is a shop that sells men's clothing and accessories. When ordering its articles for the summer and winter promotions, the company has to bear very high one-off costs.  Find out why Sylvie Béteille, the financial manager of E.T. Diffusion (Café Coton), chose Agicap to manage her cash flow and anticipate her cash inflows and outflows. 

Visualising the different categories of cash flow while saving precious time 

Sylvie Béteille used to monitor her company's cash flow using Excel. However, she quickly realised the limitations of this tool: "I realised that Excel was not sufficient to manage my cash flow as well as possible". Today, ET Diffusion's financial manager is more efficient in her work thanks to the cash management software she has been using for over a year. "Agicap allows me to waste less time categorising my flows," she says. 

I use Agicap daily to update my cash flow and also to update my budgets.
Sylvie Béteille, CFO
Café Coton (1)

Managing cash with finesse and avoiding unpleasant surprises

The cash flow of a fashion retailer is often tense. Sylvie Béteille's day-to-day work therefore requires a great deal of anticipation. She explains the challenges of her business: "Twice a year, we order promotional items for the summer/winter collection and so we have very high peaks of expenditure each time. To manage her company's cash flow with confidence, Sylvie Béteille uses Agicap to forecast her cash receipts and disbursements for the coming months.

"We need to know exactly what our future payments will be and how to fund our bank accounts to avoid overdrafts".
Sylvie Béteille, CFO
Café Coton (2)

Setting targets and monitoring their achievement  

In Agicap, Sylvie Béteille can see in real time the achievement of objectives and set new targets to be reached. To refine her work and take into account several possible scenarios, she uses a special feature: "I use scenarios in Agicap. They allow me to make assumptions in the event of unforeseen events".

After using the solution, Sylvie Béteille shares her opinion: "Agicap is very easy to use. I would say that it saves a lot of time and is very intuitive."

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