The cash flow management tool for construction companies

The cash flow management tool for construction companies

Improve visibility and anticipate your working capital requirements as far in advance as possible for worry-free management of your cash flow over the coming months.
Launched in 2016

Clear and reliable visibility and projections of forecasts

Save time thanks to automated, real-time monitoring

A collaborative tool that is very easy to use

Hundreds of construction companies have placed their trust in us.

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Logo - ICM ITA - Navy
Easily track your available cash with Agicap

Effectively manage your working capital requirements

  • Invoices for public works, structural jobs: your business requires a good view of WCR. Agicap gives you a clear picture of your long-term cash flow so you are never caught out.

Agicap synchronises directly with your banks

A complete, easy to use tool

  • Maintain a global view of your cash flow in a simple and structured way. Agicap is installed in 2 clicks, and our team is available all day long to help you with the installation.

Easily modulate the visualisation of your cash flow projections

Save time and be more efficient with automated monitoring

  • No more manual cash flow analysis in Excel! Agicap automatically synchronises and categorises all your banking flows, securely and without errors. Effortlessly monitor your company's cash flow in real time.

Collaborate easily with colleagues and partners

Collaborate easily with your colleagues

  • Co-manage your cash flow as a team by sharing your dashboards in real time with your manager, CFO, accountant and financial partners.

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