Bau-Consult Hermsdorf: Detailed liquidity planning for long-term construction projects

Business sector: Construction, Real estate, Engineering
Size: 51 to 200 employees
Where: Hermsdorf, Gera & Erfurt, Germany

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Construction projects are by definition large in scale. Numerous trades come together in different stages at one location for a project that can last several years. At the manifold interfaces of these large-scale projects, the consulting engineers of Bau-Consult Hermsdorf are at the side of the respective companies and incorporate their expertise in structural and civil engineering and renovation as well as monument preservation - nationwide and on international construction sites.

The architecture and engineering firm with its more than 75 employees has a mostly constant cash flow over the course of the year. Thomas Haustein - structural engineer and managing partner at Bau-Consult Hermsdorf - can nevertheless pinpoint the white spots in the financial plan: "We have to bear in mind that fees do not always flow evenly. We have to bridge a certain period of time before we can issue invoices. And of course it's particularly important that we keep an eye on our liquidity."

The path to progressive financial planning

As is still so often the case, the status quo in liquidity planning used to be Excel. Nowadays it is a rather antiquated tool in the finance department, but still widely used by many companies. "The problem we always had is that a forecast was usually only possible over a relatively short period of time," bemoans Haustein.

This was a noticeable shortcoming in long-term financial planning. So Bau-Consult Hermsdorf began an intensive search for software that would provide engineers with professional support in the area of finance. "Agicap simply emerged as the favourite. With the result, we have to say: it was the absolutely perfect choice."

Especially the simple onboarding process has done a lot of convincing in the company. The support during the introduction of the software was very professional and also for Mr Thomas Haustein on a high emotional level. "The great effect of Agicap: it is not just any accounting software that requires a business degree. Even a structural engineer can manage to make a plausible forecast of his liquidity planning there."

Agicap is not a nice-to-have. Agicap is a MUST.
Thomas Haustein, Structural engineer and managing partner at Bau-Consult Hermsdorf

Smart functions: The best tool for building professionals

"In addition to providing foresight in liquidity planning, Agicap also offers very well-structured management of unpaid invoices," explains Thomas Haustein. With this function, another problem at Bau-Consult Hermsdorf could be solved. "With our liquidity planning, it is always a little tricky to include VAT in the liquidity planning at the right time. With Agicap, we actually have that under control now," assures us Haustein.

Agicap thus provides an enormous performance increase in cash flow management and is completely in line with the company's mission statement, summarised in three keywords: competent, innovative, unique.