The best cash flow software for your needs in 2023

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With cash flow software you can always keep an eye on your cash flow and also see how your cash will develop in the coming months.

With a cash flow software you can always keep an eye on your cash flow and also see how your cash will develop in the coming months. This helps you to optimally manage your operational business. Here we present 3 of the best cash flow software currently available on the market.

What is the best cash flow software? Comparison of 3 cash flow management softwares

Software Features Advantages
Agicap Automatic connection with bank accounts, automatic categorisation of cash flows, mobile app Cash flow forecast on daily, weekly and monthly basis, integrations with numerous other accounting and financial management apps, planning cash scenarios
Axonaut CRM software suite, automatic connection with bank accounts, invoice and expenditure management Cash flow management, invoice management, and expense management in one software
Quickbooks Accounting software, automatic connection with bank accounts, detailed tracking of revenues and expenses Cash flow management, invoice management and accounting in one software
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Agicap is a dedicated cash flow software. It communicates with the bank servers via an API interface and retrieves the transactions from your bank accounts every day.

Agicap also communicates with other financial management tools, such as your invoicing software, via the same interface. From there, Agicap retrieves the invoice amounts and due dates and automatically transfers them to the cash flow forecast, making it even more accurate.

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Agicap automatically classifies recurring transactions on your bank accounts into categories defined by you. Thus, the tool allows for detailed cost control.

In addition to a main scenario for your cash flow forecast, you can also create as many other cash scenarios as you like. For example, you can look at how long your cash will last if customer demand suddenly drops sharply or there are delivery problems.

Agicap is well suited for companies looking for a focused cash flow management software that integrates with many other financial management apps.


Axonaut is a CRM software suite that offers not only cash flow management, but also invoicing and customer management. The suite automatically connects to your bank accounts and retrieves transactions in real time.

Axonaut presents your revenues and expenses in a statistical overview. You can also enter target figures for what you expect in terms of revenue and expenses in the coming months. With the help of a target/actual comparison, you can see whether you are ahead or behind plan with regard to your cash situation.

If you are looking for a software that offers customer management as well as accounting functions, Axonaut could be a good solution for you.


Quickbooks is an accounting software that also offers cash flow management. Just like Agicap and Axonaut, it automatically connects to your bank accounts and retrieves the revenues and expenses in real time. These are clearly displayed in a table.

At the touch of a button, you can generate documentation of your cash flow, which is very helpful when preparing the cash flow statement for the annual accounts.

In addition to cash flow management, you can also manage your invoices and receipts in Quickbooks. This makes the tool particularly suitable for companies that want to automate many functions in their accounting.

How does a cash flow forecasting software help a company?

Cash flow forecasting software supports managers in making strategic decisions. The software shows the company's expected cash flow for the coming months, enabling managers to assess when it is favourable to make an investment.

In addition, cash flow forecasts can also be used to identify potential cash shortages at an early stage. This gives those responsible more time to take measures to prevent the cash shortage from occurring in the first place or at least to mitigate its effects.

What are the main features of a good cash flow software?

A good cash flow software is characterised by the following features: Automatic connection to bank accounts and automatic retrieval of account transactions

  • Clear presentation of revenues and expenses in categories
  • Clear presentation of the past, current and future cash flow
  • Creation of cash flow scenarios for the simulation of worst cases and best cases

Free cash flow software in Excel vs. dedicated software solutions

Many companies use Excel as their cash flow software. To do this, you first have to go through all the transactions on the bank accounts, divide them into categories and then add them up. The results are then entered into the Excel spreadsheet and the cash balance is calculated.

This approach involves a lot of work because none of the steps are automated. This is also the reason why many companies neglect cash flow planning, because it takes a lot of time. These companies are more prone to cash shortages because they do not have an accurate overview of their cash.

Generally speaking, the more business accounts a company has and the more transactions take place on them, the more time-consuming cash flow planning in Excel becomes. With dedicated cash flow software, however, all these problems can be avoided, because all routine processes are automated.

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