The best cash flow software for your needs in 2023

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With cash flow software you can always keep an eye on your cash flow and also see how your cash will develop in the coming months.

In today's business world, effective cash flow management plays a key role in the success and stable development of any organization, regardless of its size or industry. Cash flow management software has become a powerful tool designed to provide greater control over financial operations. With the ability to streamline financial processes, gain real-time information and improve cash flow management strategies, choosing the right software is paramount to sustainable financial health.

With a cash flow software you can always keep an eye on your cash flow and also see how your cash will develop in the coming months. Here we present the best cash flow software currently available on the market.

Cash Flow software definition

Cash flow software helps you keep track of your business’s incoming and outgoing cash flows. Such software provides a unified view of a business’s past transactions and historical cash flow, making it easier for it to forecast its future cash flow easily and identify venues for cost optimisation.

How and with what features does the software help with cash flow management?

Cash flow helps businesses with the following features:

  • Seamless synchronisation with all your bank accounts.
  • Consolidated view of your business’s cash flow.
  • Smooth integration with all your management and ERP tools.
  • Real-time comparison of your actuals and forecasted cash flow.
  • Actionable insights into customer invoices to help you speed up collections.
  • Build personalised recovery plans to follow up on late-paying customers automatically.
  • Effortless bank reconciliation.

How is it different from accounting software?

Accounting software helps businesses keep track of and report their financial transactions. It also automates a firm's bookkeeping. In comparison, cash flow software records a business's cash inflow and outflow.

What are the main features of a good cash flow software?

  • A good cash flow software is characterised by the following features: Automatic connection to bank accounts and automatic retrieval of account transactions
  • Clear presentation of revenues and expenses in categories
  • Clear presentation of the past, current and future cash flow
  • Creation of cash flow scenarios for the simulation of worst cases and best cases

What are the best cash flow programs?

Software Features Advantages Pricing, per month Company size Suitable For

Test here
- Cash flow monitoring
- Cash flow forecast
- Real-time account transactions
- Automatic cash flow categorisation
- Multi-currency management
- Integrations with accounting
& financial management apps
- Consolidation of affiliated companies
- Scenario planning
Custom pricing 500-1000 SMBs
Mid-size companies
Fluidly - Connection to Xero or Quickbooks
- Forecasts based on accounting data
- Scenarios creation
- Finds financing offers on request
- Receivables management
- Cash flow management
in real time
- Fast financing solutions
Custom pricing 11-50 Modern businesses
Quickbooks - An accounting software suite
- Synchronisation with bank accounts
- Tagging of transactions for better overview
- Cash flow overview of
the last 24 months
- Forecast up to 24 months
Simple Start: US$1
Essentials: US$1
Plus: US$1
(special offer)
~150 Small businesses
Large accounting firms Accountants
Xero - Cash flow planning
- Income and expenditure tracking
- Cash flow forecast
- Mundane accounting tasks automation Early: $6.50
Growing: $18.50
Established: $35
(discounted prices)
~5000 Sole traders
New businesses
Small businesses Established businesses
Float - Cash flow forecast
- Real-time updates about your cash flows
- Integration with multiple
cash flow analysis software
Essential: €49
Premium: €99
Enterprise: €199
11-50 Businesses
Kyriba - API-enabled enterprise liquidity platform - Seamless integration of
ERPs to a bank
Custom pricing 500-1000 SMEs
Serrala - SAP hosted financial solution
- Cash flow management
- Cash flow forecast
- Accounts payable automation
- Payment data reconciliation
Custom pricing ~700 Enterprises of all sizes
HighRadius - AI-driven autonomous finance solution - Automation of order to cash, record to report, and treasury activities Custom pricing 1001-5000 Mid-size businesses
Large businesses
TIS - Cloud-based enterprise payment optimisation - Global cash flow, payments, and enterprise liquidity transformation Custom pricing ~250 Corporations
Business vendors
CashAnalytics - Cash flow forecasting automation
- Reporting activities automation
- Cash flow data unification Power User: € 420
Team: € 920
Enterprise: Custom pricing
Service Provider: Custom pricing
11-50 Individuals
Mid-size businesses
Large-size businesses
Outsourcing firms


Agicap is a dedicated cash flow software. It communicates with the bank servers via an API interface and retrieves the transactions from your bank accounts every day.

Agicap also communicates with other financial management tools, such as your invoicing software, via the same interface. From there, Agicap retrieves the invoice amounts and due dates and automatically transfers them to the cash flow forecast, making it even more accurate.

Agicap automatically classifies recurring transactions on your bank accounts into categories defined by you. Thus, the tool allows for detailed cost control.