Wyz, the multinational group that runs its subsidiaries with ease

Business sector: Business services
Size: 50 to 200 employees
Where: Compiègne, l’Oise (France)
Cashflow challenges: monitoring and forecasting cash flow in a multinational group

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Wyz Group is a company that develops internet platforms for car manufacturers. This allows them to order tyres that are not available from the manufacturers. 

Discover how Joëlle Guirard, CFO of Wyz Group, and Soline Vuatrin, Group Financial Controller, use Agicap to manage their cash flow and obtain a consolidated view of the group. 

The Excel spreadsheet: the worn-out tyre that no longer allows the whole group to keep rolling

"I was using Excel to manage the cash flow forecasts of the different companies in order to calculate the group's cash flow," says Joëlle Guirard. But work on this tool quickly turned into a monster: "Before Agicap, you had to go to each bank account and detail which big customer had paid, or not paid. It was extremely complicated to deal with on a daily basis."

Our cash flow issues are very important since we bill major customers on a monthly basis. We have big cash inflows and outflows around the 15th of the month.
Joëlle Guirard, CFO of Wyz Group

In search of a tool to improve visibility of the whole group 

"We decided to look for a tool to centralise our cash flow, and Agicap was the one that interested us the most in terms of being able to obtain a consolidated view of the different bank accounts, but also of our different companies, in order to really have a global perspective of the group's cash flow," confides Joëlle Guirard, CFO of Wyz Group.

We started by talking to our banks, each of which offered us solutions. These solutions allowed us to view the past, but did not allow us to integrate our incoming/outgoing forecasts as Agicap does.
Joëlle Guirard, CFO of Wyz Group

Making the right decisions and directing the cash flows of the different entities in the best possible way

The Agicap cash management software has become an indispensable decision-making tool for the Wyz Group. Joëlle Guirard says: "We consolidate all bank accounts and this allows us to direct cash flow in the best possible way so that each subsidiary has what is necessary to pay its suppliers in its account."

Happy with her normal use of the software, Soline Vuatrin thanks the entire Agicap team for meeting her management needs: "Thank you Agicap for your responsiveness and all that you bring us to make our every day life easier".

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