Automatic consolidation, reporting in a few clicks and centralised payments: the Vetpartners experience

Conchi Burgos, Head of Treasury and Financial Controller at VetPartners España, explains why she chose Agicap to manage the group's cash flows and payments to suppliers.

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Key takeaways

  • Need to keep cash flow under control with a large number of clinics to manage

  • Quick and easy creation of reports to shareholders

  • Centralised payments of supplier invoices directly to the cashflow management tool 

The biggest advantages of Agicap are the time savings and the accuracy of the forecasts.

Conchi Burgos VetPartners

Conchi Burgos

Financial Controller, VetPartners Spain


  • Industry:

    Investment group in the veterinary sector

  • Size:

    ETI (> 50m et 250 salariés)

  • Where:

    Madrid, Spain

  • Use cases:

    consolidation of cash flows of more than 35 clinics, centralised payment of supplier invoices, reports in a few clicks

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Customer’s history

Created in the UK in 2015, VetPartners is an investment group active in Spain since 2021 with more than 35 veterinary clinics. Dealing with all aspects of clinic management, the group's main mission is to enable the veterinarian to focus exclusively on his/her profession to provide the best care.

Customer’s needs

  • Controlling the cash flows of the more than 35 clinics in Spain

  • Centralised supplier invoice payments to save time and avoid missing deadlines

  • Easy reporting to shareholders in the UK


At Vetpartners, the main problem Agicap solved was the visibility of each clinic's cash flow. As there are more than 35 entities all over Spain and each one has its own particularities, the group needed a simple tool to help Burgos monitor the multiple cash flows and solve any problems in advance.

Before Agicap, Cochi managed the cash flow on Excel, a time-consuming task with a high margin of error.

By connecting to Agicap, I can immediately see the cash flow of the clinics, what will happen on a weekly basis and if one of them has a cash shortfall, so I can solve the problem in advance.

Conchi Burgos VetPartners

Conchi Burgos

Financial Controller, VetPartners Spain

One of the Agicap functions Conchi uses the most are the views, both the consolidated and the individual clinic views, because in addition to monitoring cash of each individual entity, he also needs to check cash flow at the group level and verify that there are no problems.

In addition to automatic consolidation, Cochi makes extensive use of customisable dashboards to create reports to shareholders. This function allows the Controller to present reports easily and effectively during meetings with the UK.

Then, in addition to Agicap Cashflow, Vetpartners also implemented the Agicap Payment module, through which it can now pay suppliers with one click. Thanks to this function, Cochi can schedule all payments quickly and easily and view due dates directly on the treasury plan.


  • Thanks to Agicap, Vetpartners now has maximum visibility over the cash flows of individual clinics and the liquidity of the entire group

  • With customisable dashboards, the Financial Controller can easily create effective reports for shareholders

  • The centralisation of payments to suppliers has saved the finance department time and made their work more efficient

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