AGICAP terms of service

Last updated on 04/08/2022


1.1. Unless otherwise stipulated, these Terms of Service will automatically apply to the performance of all services (hereinafter the “Services”) by AGICAP (hereinafter “AGICAP”), the supplier of the AGICAP software solution, as described below, to the party placing the order (hereinafter the “Client”), which represents that it has fully reviewed and accepts them, and therefore waives any ability to invoke contradictory documentation, namely its own terms of purchase. Consequently, the fact of placing an order entails the Client’s full and unreserved approval and acceptance of these Terms of Service, to the exclusion of any other Client or AGICAP documents, such as brochures, catalogues, etc., which may be provided for reference purposes only. No document other than these Terms of Service shall engender obligations for the parties or a special dispensation herefrom, unless laid down in writing and signed by the parties or mentioned in a quote accepted in accordance with Article 3. 1.2. The Client accepts that AGICAP may make reasonable changes to these Terms of Service at a later date and that their relationship will continue to be governed by the most recent terms and conditions in effect as at the date of order placement.


For the purpose of interpreting these Terms of Service, the Client and AGICAP agree that the terms listed below will be understood as having the following meanings. Systems Administrator: the person within the Client’s organization who has been designated as AGICAP’s dedicated point of contact. Application: the AGICAP software solution, including any and all updates and documentation, which is developed and marketed by AGICAP with a view to granting a right of use to the Client. Cloud: the platform hosted on remove computer servers, from which the Application is accessible in SaaS (software as a service) mode. Company Interface: the space where the Client accesses the Application’s features, with the specification that the Client may have as many Company Interfaces as it has establishments for which it wants to sign up for a subscription. An “establishment” is understood as a legally independent entity within the Client’s organization, that has its own business registration number and bank account. Package: the service package selected by the Client from the various packages offered by AGICAP for access to the Application. Services: the services offered by AGICAP, namely including: access to the Application in SaaS mode under a license technical support for use of the Application any other services which AGICAP may offer to the Client. Parties: collectively, AGICAP, a simplified joint stock company with capital of €13,572 and head offices located at 57 Rue de St Cyr, 69009 Lyon, France, registered with the Lyon Trade & Companies Register (RCS) under number 823 248 703, and the Client. User: any natural person to whom AGICAP grants a right to use the Application, i.e. either a person in the Client’s organization or a client of the Client. All references made in the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.


The Client is responsible for selecting the Package it wants to order, via the Application, as per the following terms and conditions. 3.1. Registration in the Application To access AGICAP’s Service packages, the Client is asked to register directly via the website, by clicking on “Try for free”. To register, the Client must be a professional with a registered business. The Client will be asked to provide an email address, a password, a company name and a telephone number. Once that registration is approved, the Client will have a 24 hour Application trial period (hereinafter the “Trial Period”), after which the Client must order a Package if it wants to continue using the Application. The Trial Period will apply to each Company Interface created by the Client in the Application. 3.2. Navigation in the Application Once registration is complete, the Client can review the different packages sold by AGICAP. During the Trial Period, the Client is free to browse the different pages of the Application, without making any commitment to place an order. Once an order has been placed, as stipulated in Article 3.3, the Client will be able to navigate the Application for the duration of the subscription. 3.3. Order placement If the Client wants to place an order, it must select the Package it wants to order and then click the “Subscribe to package” box. Package subscriptions only apply to a single Company Interface. For each additional Company Interface that the Client wants to create, it will need to subscribe to another Package. To place an order, the Client completes a form, providing accurate billing information (company name and billing address). The Client alone is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. An order that contains incomplete or incorrect information could lead to mistakes or delays which shall not, under any circumstances, be attributable to AGICAP’s fault. A purchase order will then appear on the screen, stating the nature of the Package selected by the Client and the current price, both exclusive and inclusive of VAT. After reviewing the purchase order, the Client will have the opportunity to check for any errors and edit the order if necessary. 3.4. Final order confirmation After reviewing the purchase order and confirming or correcting the Client’s information (including the billing address), the Client must tick the box to accept these Terms of Service and then click on “Place order”. That second click will constitute an electronic signature. That signature will have the same value between the Parties as a handwritten signature. The purchase order will be recorded in AGICAP’s computerized registers, which are themselves stored on a reliable, durable medium, and will be considered as proof of the contractual relationship between the Parties. The Client can then make payment for the Package as stipulated in Article 7. 3.5. Order summary Once the Client has submitted payment via the Application, an order summary will be displayed, namely including the associated transaction number. The sale will only be considered as final once AGICAP has displayed the order summary, which constitutes its acknowledgement of receipt of the order (hereinafter the “Contract”). 3.6. General information The data recorded by AGICAP shall constitute proof of all transactions, save in the case of proof to the contrary. In any case, AGICAP reserves the right to decline any order or refuse any delivery in the event of an ongoing dispute with the Client or in the event of full or partial non-payment of a previous Client order. In that instance, AGICAP shall not be liable for the consequences thereof. Only the Client may enjoy the benefits of an order, which may not be transferred without AGICAP’s agreement. Any changes requested by the Client shall only be considered if received in writing before the Application is made available to it and/or before any Services have been rendered, with the specification that AGICAP reserves the right to choose whether or not to acquiesce to such a request.


4.1. AGICAP undertakes to take the best possible care in the performance of its Services, in accordance with its industry standards, to which it will devote the necessary resources. AGICAP’s obligations will depend on the duties entrusted to it. 4.2. Provision of the Application in SaaS mode AGICAP will make the Application available to the Client in the Cloud. The Client will the access Application using its own hardware, with the required configuration and under its own responsibility, in accordance with the instructions communicated by AGICAP. The Client is hereby informed that access to the Application in SaaS mode requires a computer and an Internet connection. Once the Contract has been established as laid down in Article 3, and subject to receipt of the price as stipulated in Article 7, AGICAP will set up the Client’s access rights for use of the Application. The Client will have the number of User accounts indicated for the Package. The Client is responsible for its own access codes for the Application and undertakes to retain sole possession thereof. AGICAP may not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the consequences of fraudulent use of a Client access code by a third party. The Client is free to upgrade to a higher level Package during the term of the Contract, which can be done directly in the Application. The change in Package will be effective on the date of its subscription in the Application. The associated price change will likewise apply as from that date. 4.3. Technical support Contractualization entails AGICAP’s provision of a technical support Service. That technical support can be provided either via a telephone hotline or by online chat, depending on the Package selected by the Client. 4.4. Other services Further, for any request for additional services not initially included in the Contract, AGICAP can send the Client a new price quote. If the Client does not request a price quote, the new Services will be carried out at AGICAP’s rates in effect on the date of the Client’s request.


It is the Client’s responsibility to: submit complete, accurate information when placing an order and to update that information in event of any changes designate a competent point of contact for AGICAP, for the duration of the Services make sure the necessary instructions reach AGICAP in due time, to allow it to fulfil its Services as per normal submit or have its partners submit all of the working documents, files and other elements required for the performance of the Services, by the agreed deadlines use the Application solely for the purposes of its professional activities and, in any case, not to use it for purposes not stipulated in these Terms of Service refrain from impersonating any other person or logging into an account other than its own refrain from performing systems analyses which are akin to reverse engineering refrain from deleting all or part of the Application and/or its technical environment without AGICAP’s authorization refrain from uploading any viruses or files which could potentially pose a threat to the Application’s integrity. If AGICAP closes the Client’s account for failure to comply with their obligations under these Terms of Service, AGICAP will have the right to terminate the Contract, as stipulated in Article 14.2, without prejudice to any damages which it may be entitled to claim or to any legal action if the behaviour in question qualifies as a criminal offence.


AGICAP grants the Client the possibility of using the Application in accordance with its user license specific to the Application and communicated to the Client at the time of registration in the Application. The license will appear on the Application workstation’s screen when the Client account is created by the Systems Administrator, which the latter will have to accept. The Client will guarantee the Application Users’ compliance with the provisions of the license. The Client is only granted those rights which are identified in its license.


7.1. The applicable price is the one which appears in the Contract, pursuant to Article 3, and will depend on the Package(s) selected by the Client and the number of Company Interfaces created by the Client, for which it wants to take out a subscription. The price covers a periodic fee for use of the Application, which includes the associated technical support as described by Article 4.3. All prices are stated in euros, exclusive of VAT. 7.2. In the absence of a clause to the contrary in the Contract, the price for the fee mentioned in Article 7.1 will be payable at the time of order placement, by bank card or by SEPA transfer via the online payment provider Stripe. By making a payment, the Client is agreeing to Stripe’s terms of use, which are available at 7.3. At the end of the Initial Term mentioned in Article 14.1, and then on each subsequent renewal date, the price of the periodic fee may be revised on an annual basis, as a function of the Syntec index, by applying the following formula: P1 = P0 x (S1 / S0), where P0 is the original price of the fee, P1 the revised price, S0 the most recently published Syntec index as at the date of the previous price revision, and S1 the most recently published Syntec index as at the date of the current price revision. 7.4. Any amounts not paid by the stated deadlines will generate interest at the rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent refinancing transaction, plus 10 percentage points, and will also open the Client up to payment of a flat fee of €40 in the name of compensation for collections expenses. These late fees will be payable as from the first day late, without requiring any formal notice to pay, and shall accrue until payment in full has been made for all amounts owed, including late fees. 7.5. The Client shall not be able to invoke any grounds whatsoever for delaying or modifying the payment terms or requesting a price reduction, namely include a challenge relating to the quality or non-compliance of the Services. In the absence of on-time payment, and after a formal notice to pay has gone unanswered for 48 hours, AGICAP will have the option to demand immediate payment of the remaining balance and/or suspend the fulfilment of its obligations, without prejudice to its right to claim any damages and/or terminate the Contract in accordance with Article 14.2.


8.1. The Application is protected by copyright and by the following provisions. All intellectual property rights relating to the Application and its different constituent components and elements (documentation, copyrights, etc.) are fully and solely owned by AGICAP, its executives and/or its partners. The Client undertakes to refrain from infringing upon the said rights, either directly or indirectly or via the intermediary of a third party with which it has a relationship. 8.2. In the event of use of the Application that extends beyond the use defined in the Contract and the user license, infringement proceedings may be brought against the Client. 8.3. As part of its provision of access to the Application for the Client, AGICAP grants the latter a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the Application. The right to use the Application excludes any other rights and shall not, under any circumstances, entail the right to perform any actions which are not expressly authorized, namely the reproduction, translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other alteration of the Application and/or its components. 8.4. As applicable, the Client warrants that all elements transmitted to AGICAP for the purpose of fulfilment of the Services shall not infringe upon any third party intellectual property rights. It will protect AGICAP against any and all consequences (including court fees, lawyer fees, damages, compensation, etc.), in the event that a third party seeks to invoke AGICAP’s liability. 8.5. AGICAP may share the name of the Client, acting as part of its professional activities, as a business reference, unless otherwise stipulated in writing by the Client.


The Client is considered to be fully familiar with the Services it is acquiring and acknowledges that it has had the opportunity to obtain information, that it understands, about the Services it has ordered. The Client alone will determine the intended use and purpose of the Application. If granted, any request from the Client to modify any of the specifications defined by AGICAP’s Package will be implemented under the Client’s sole responsibility. Likewise, any incomplete specifications could lead to errors which shall not be attributable to AGICAP’s fault.


10.1. If there is any doubt as to the interpretation of a clause, or in the absence of information allowing the Client to determine the scope of AGICAP’s obligations, the Client acknowledges that these latter shall be understood as best effort obligations. 10.2. Under no circumstances shall AGICAP have any liability to the Client if the Services rendered conform to those ordered by the Client. An order’s compliance is assessed by referring to the Contract. Further, if AGICAP makes a series of suggestions and recommendations, as part of its performance of a Service, it shall not, under any circumstances, be held liable by the Client if the latter fails to follow those recommendations. 10.3. The Client acknowledges and accepts that AGICAP is not responsible for the content that the Client and its Users post in the Application, namely any quantitative data that they input, or for that contact’s accuracy, which shall be their sole responsibility. Under no circumstances may AGICAP be held liable by the Client for any financial difficulties encountered by the latter and/or for poor management of the Client’s cash assets. 10.4. Any challenges made by the Client in respect of AGICAP’s fulfilment of its contractual obligations must be justified and stated in a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, sent within one year of the date of discovery of the facts forming the grounds for that claim. Failure to do so will entail the Client’s waiver of any right to criticize AGICAP’s fulfilment of its contractual obligations. 10.5. In no instance, save in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct, AGICAP shall not be bound to remedy any indirect damage (moral damage, image problems or loss of business, data, profits, turnover, orders or clients) that the Client may suffer as a result of performance of the Services. FURTHER, IN ITS RELATIONS WITH THE CLIENT, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY AGICAP’S LIABILITY ENSUING FROM DAMAGE CAUSED BY PERFORMANCE OF THE SERVICES EXCEED THE AMOUNT PAID BY THE CLIENT IN THE NAME OF THE CONTRACT OVER THE PREVIOUS 12 MONTHS.


Both Parties shall hold all of the other Party’s information, data, formulas and concepts as strictly confidential and shall refrain from disclosing them, regardless of the form in which they are provided to the receiving Party (written or verbal, on magnetic, electronic or computerized media, etc.) during the course of the Contract (hereinafter the “Confidential Information”), for a period of five (5) years from the date of their disclosure to the other Party. Neither Party shall disclose Confidential Information about the other Party to any third party without the express written consent of that other Party, and will not use any Confidential Information for purposes other than fulfilment of the Contract. Each Party shall apply the same level of precaution in respect of the non-disclosure of the other Party’s Confidential Information as they do for their own Confidential Information. Confidential Information does not include information which: is widely available to or known to the general public was previously known to the recipient was developed independently by the recipient, outside the scope of the Contract established in accordance with Article 3 was legitimately disclosed by a third party or is disclosed during testimony before a competent authority. Both Parties shall take all the necessary measures with their personnel and partners to ensure compliance with this obligation.


12.1. The Client is hereby informed and agrees that, when it places an order or uses the Application, AGICAP will process its personal data for the purposes of order management and supply of the Services, and this in accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, as amended by French Law 2018-493 of 20 June 2018 on personal data protection, derived from the European General Data Protection Regulation. For more information about how AGICAP processes personal data, the Client is referred to AGICAP’s Privacy Policy, available at (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”). 12.2. If, during its performance of a Service ordered by the Client, AGICAP needs to process Users’ personal data, the terms and conditions laid down in the Appendix hereto will apply. ARTICLE 13. BANK SECRECY The Client represents and warrants that it has expressly authorized the banking institution responsible for collecting its banking information to communicate the information to AGICAP which is necessary in order to supply Services covered by trade secrecy, in accordance with Article L522-19 of the French Monetary and Financial Code. AGICAP shall not be held responsible in the event of a violation of trade secrecy relating to the Client’s banking information, within the context of its use of AGICAP’s Services.


14.1. Unless otherwise stipulated in the Contract, the latter shall be concluded for a term of twelve (12) months (hereinafter the “Initial Term”). At the end of the Initial Term, the Contract shall be tacitly renewed for successive periods of twelve (12) months, unless terminated by either Party at least seven (7) days prior to the Contract’s anniversary date. 14.2. The above notwithstanding, both Parties have the right to terminate the Contract at any time, as of right, by means of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, in the following instances: the other Party’s full or partial non-fulfilment of its obligations, namely non-compliance with its obligations as defined by Article 5, its payment obligation, its confidentiality obligation, compliance with AGICAP’s intellectual property rights and, more generally, faithful execution of the Contract, after a formal notice sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, stating the injured Party’s intention of invoking the present clause, has gone unanswered for thirty (30) days, and this without prejudice to compensation for any direct or indirect damage caused by this termination an unfavourable change in the Client’s financial or business position, that could lead to a default on payment. If, as a result of the nature of the unfulfilled obligation, it is impossible for the defaulting Party to remedy its breach (e.g. breach of an obligation not to do something), either Party may terminate the Contract, as of right, with no prior formal notice required.


15.1. Force majeure events will suspend the Parties’ obligations. Should such an event occur, the Parties will endeavour, in good faith, to take all reasonably possible measures to continue executing the Contract. If a force majeure event lasts longer than sixty (60) days, this Contract may be terminated at either Party’s initiative, with no entitlement to compensation on either end. 15.2. The following are expressly considered to be force majeure events: lock-outs, strikes, epidemics, embargoes, accidents, extraordinary weather events, blocked or delayed transport and any other event outside AGICAP’s control which leads, for example, to full or partial layoffs at AGICAP or to fully or partially blocked means of communication, including networks.


16.1. Under no circumstances may the Contract be transferred, in whole or in part, for a fee or free of charge, without the express prior written consent of AGICAP. 16.2. AGICAP reserves the right to utilize the subcontractor(s) of its choice. AGICAP also reserves the right to transfer this Contract, with no formalities required, on condition of giving the Client advance notice thereof.




18.1. No act of forbearance by either Party toward the other, particularly any forbearance regarding payment terms, shall be interpreted as a waiver of the right to enforce all its rights hereunder at a later date. 18.2. The cancellation of one this Contract’s clauses shall not affect the validity of the others.


In the event of a dispute, the Parties agree to consider emails and exchanges via the Application and via chat to be original writings, constituting binding proof, and waive the right to challenge this means of proof, save to challenge the authenticity of a piece of proof. Appendix Personal data processing Purpose, processing period and categories of data subjects. During its provision of the Services, AGICAP may have access to personal data, as defined by the French Data Protection Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978 and the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter the “GDPR”), in its capacity as a data processor. Consequently, AGICAP may process such data on behalf of the Client, the data controller, for the sole purpose of supplying the said Services and for the stipulated Contract term. Nature and purpose(s) of processing. AGICAP undertakes to refrain from processing any of the transmitted personal data for purposes other than those of the Client, i.e. other than for the performance of the Services covered by the Contract. Records. AGICAP will maintain all the required records, whose content is defined by Article 30(2) of the GDPR, and will make them available by request. Data protection officer. Pursuant to Articles 38 and 39 of the GDPR, the data protection officer or the department responsible for protecting AGICAP’s personal data may be contacted as indicated in the Privacy Policy. Client obligations towards AGICAP. The Client undertakes to: provide AGICAP with all the data needed to fulfil its obligations under the GDPR document all of its instructions, in writing, concerning the data processing to be carried out by AGICAP ensure compliance with AGICAP’s obligations laid down in the GDPR, before and throughout the processing period respond to any requests from AGICAP relating to personal data processing for the purpose of providing the Services, within a maximum of fifteen (15) days fulfil its own obligations as the controller, by virtue of the provisions of the GDPR. AGICAP obligations towards the Client. AGICAP warrants that it will take all necessary measures to preserve the security, integrity, availability, resilience and confidentiality of the personal data to which it may have access or which may be communicated to it for the purpose of the Contract’s fulfilment. Consequently, AGICAP undertakes to take all the measures required by virtue of Article 32 of the GDPR, namely including all appropriate technical and organizational measures, given the state of the art, the cost of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the data processing, which may be necessary to ensure compliance with those security, integrity and confidentiality obligations by itself and by its personnel, and in particular to: only process and view those personal data and files in accordance with the Client’s instructions, including as concerns personal data transfers to a third country or an international organization, unless AGICAP is bound to do so by virtue of European Union or French law, in which case, AGICAP will notify the Client of that obligation prior to processing, unless the law prohibits such a notification for important reasons of public interest refrain from processing or viewing the said personal data or the files containing them for any purposes other than fulfilment of the Service which it is performing for the Client under the Contract refrain from inserting data which are not a part of the personal data processing into that processing take every measure to prevent any inappropriate, malicious or fraudulent use of those personal data and files take every necessary precaution to preserve the security of the said personal data, ensure that they are not altered, damaged or accessible by any unauthorized third parties, and prevent any access not authorized in advance by the controller implement every measure to (i) ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of the processing systems and services utilized, (ii) restore the availability of and access to the personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident, and (iii) regularly test, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of those measures refrain from viewing or processing any personal data other than those concerned by these Terms of Service, even if access to those personal data is technically possible ensure that the people authorized to process the personal data either make a written commitment to preserving their confidentiality or are bound by an appropriate legal obligation of secrecy, and receive the necessary personal data protection training refrain from disclosing all or part of the said personal data in any form whatsoever refrain from copying or storing, in any form and for any purpose, all or part of the said personal data figuring in the media or documents entrusted to AGICAP or collected by it during execution of the Contract (other than those operations which are strictly necessary to the Contract’s execution). Data deletion and reversibility. At the end of the Contract, AGICAP undertakes to return the files in its possession and the personal data processed on behalf of the Client under the conditions laid down in the Contract, and to destroy all physical and computerized files containing the said files and personal data (and any copies thereof), after making sure that the Client has all that information in its possession, unless EU or French law requires that those personal data be retained for a longer period. Subsequent processors. In addition, AGICAP undertakes to inform and sign a written contract with each subsequent processor, requiring the latter to comply with the standards enacted by the GDPR, with the specification that, in the event of a subsequent processor’s failure to fulfil its personal data protection obligations, AGICAP will remain wholly responsible to the Client for that violation. The Client hereby gives its general consent to the recruitment of subsequent processors for the purpose of processing its personal data. AGICAP will provide the Client with a mechanism that, at the Client’s request, will notify it of any updates to the list of processors. Security and confidentiality. In the name of the security and confidentiality of personal data, AGICAP undertakes to (i) keep all personal data strictly confidential, (ii) implement appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect personal data within its departments, including its hosting infrastructure, and (iii) document, maintain and transmit on request descriptions of the measures taken to protect the personal data (with the reminder that the Client is solely responsible for security, access and personal data protection within its own information system). Given the state of the art, the cost of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the data processing, as well as the risks of varying likelihood and severity posed to the data subjects’ rights and freedoms, the Parties will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an adequate level of security in response to those risks, namely including the following, as needed: the ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services the ability to restore the availability of and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident a process for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures, in order to ensure the security of the processing. When determining the appropriate level of security, the risks posed by processing are to be taken into account, namely in relation to the destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure of personal data transmitted, stored or processed in another way, and to accidental or unlawful access to such data. The Parties will take measures to ensure that all natural persons acting under the authority of either Party, and who have access to the personal data, will only process them when instructed to do so, unless required to process them under the law of the European Union or a Member State. Collaboration. AGICAP also undertakes to cooperate with the Client with a view to: notifying the Client as soon as possible of any requests received from data subjects and cooperating with the Client, within reason, so as to enable the latter to comply with its GDPR obligations relating to such requests, with the Client bearing all reasonable expenses ensuing from the assistance provided by AGICAP to allow the Client to comply with those obligations the Client’s compliance with its own obligations in terms of personal data security and confidentiality compliance with the obligation to notify the supervisory authority and the data subject(s) of a personal data breach, with AGICAP notifying the Client as quickly as possible after it becomes aware of such a breach and will provide reasonable responses to the Client’s requests for additional information, to help the latter fulfil its obligations under Articles 33 and 34 of the GDPR notifying the Client as soon as possible if it believes that any of the latter’s instructions constitute a violation of the GDPR or of any other provisions of EU or Member State data protection laws the performance of data protection impact assessments or in the event of the Client’s prior consultation with the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority). Audits and verifications. The Client reserves the right to perform any verifications, at its own expense, that it may deem to be appropriate in order to confirm AGICAP’s compliance with its obligations hereunder, namely by means of audits or inspections. Those verifications can be carried out once a year at most, by the Client itself or by a third party which it has chosen, commissioned and mandated for that purpose and which is not one of AGICAP’s competitors. In those instances, AGICAP will give the Client or the said third party access to the information required to provide proof of its compliance with its contractual obligations and will assist with the said verifications. These audits should enable an analysis of AGICAP’s compliance with this Contract and the applicable personal data protection provisions and should in particular confirm that adequate technical and organizational security and confidentiality measures have been implemented, that they cannot be circumvented without detection and that, should that occur or in the event of any other personal data breach, a notification and response procedure is in place at AGICAP to rectify the situation without delay. More generally, both Parties guarantee the other that they will comply with the legal and regulatory obligations incumbent upon them in terms of personal data protection. Data transfers. AGICAP will ensure that, if it transfers any personal data from within the European Union to a subsequent processor in a country or territory outside the European Union which has not been the subject of a binding adequacy decision by the European Commission or the competent national data protection authority, such a transfer will be subject to an appropriate transfer mechanism that offers adequate protection as defined by the GDPR. Responsibility. As a reminder, the Services provided by AGICAP constitute a contributing factor but are not sufficient to ensure the Client’s compliance with all the applicable regulatory requirements in terms of data protection, and AGICAP’s responsibility in respect of regulatory compliance is strictly limited to the scope of the Services it provides. The Client is solely responsible for having at least the following: an information system suitable for personal data processing, a risk and impact assessment if necessary, an information system security policy, an IT charter, a user training and awareness programme on data security and protection. Under no circumstances may AGICAP be held responsible in the event of the Client’s failure to apply the organizational and technical personal data protection measures that are incumbent upon it nor, more generally, for its identification of the categories of data collected and/or loaded by it as part of the Services, or for their intended purposes or the processing performed by it or at its request.