Private Equity : Improve your cash efficiency with Agicap

Private Equity : Improve your cash efficiency with Agicap

Agicap allows Private Equity-backed companies and Private Equity firms to optimise their working capital and cash flow:

  • Manage your cash flow in real time

  • Centralise and pay your supplier invoices

  • Follow up your customers and get paid

Get a dynamic forecast

The Agicap Private Equity Practice

Both private equity firms and their portfolio companies already know this: cash is king. At Agicap, this is the raison d'être of our cash flow management software. 

Agicap’s private equity practice was born out of our experience of working with firms and their investments on cash flow management.

  • Expert advisors (ex-BCG, McKinsey), from identifying needs to client relations.

  • Preferred pricing

  • Premium support with priority access throughout the collaboration.

  • Events and content exclusively dedicated to private equity funds and investments

Support your holdings with Europe's leading cash management tool which already supports over 200 holdings

Benefits for portfolio companies

Manage your business

Improve your WCR

Financing your growth

Excel in your tasks

Follow your cash receipts and disbursements in real time with Agicap

Manage your business on the basis of reliable and up-to-date cash flow data in real time

  • Monitor the progress of your cash flow forecast versus budget

  • Track your expense items and eliminate up to 10% of unnecessary costs

  • Easily build stress tests based on current conditions 

  • Model the impact of your business decisions on your cash flow forecast

  • Visualise your main indicators on dashboards

This allows your partcipations to focus on:

Spreading cash culture among the operational teams
Being a daily business partner
Making better business decisions

For Private Equity firms

Improve your IRR

Make valuations easier

illu scenarios

Improve the internal rate of return of your holdings and thus their valuation

  • Your holdings have a clear view of the levers for optimising working capital: reducing overdue payments by 30% and DSO by 15%, negotiating supplier discounts in return for a reduction in DPO

  • Your holdings track their expense items in real time and can eliminate up to 10% of unnecessary cost base

  • Your holdings can identify dormant cash surpluses and can generate financial income

As a private equity fund you can therefore focus on:

Ensuring the cash performance of your holdings
Bringing out champions in your portfolio

Agicap supports private equity funds throughout their life cycle

Agicap synchronises directly with your banks

A secure, scalable tool that can be interconnected with your company's financial information system

  • 99% of banks covered in Europe and the UK

  • Over 50 native integrations with third party software

  • A secure, fully cloud-based tool with data hosted in Europe

  • A scalable tool that can support all investment phases

Agile implementation, supported by our Private Equity experts, including

  • One of our private equity experts as a single point of contact and training provider from the start

  • Assisted configuration between 15 days and 3 months depending on scope and complexity

Experts at your service

Premium support with priority access included throughout the collaboration

  • Regular check-ins at the frequency you require to answer all your questions and introduce you to new features

  • Priority access to support 5 days a week with a guaranteed response time of less than two minutes.

Agicap, European leader in cash management

  • 6,000 clients, including many private equity funds

  • 11 countries in Europe covered by 6 offices

  • 200% growth by 2021

  • €121M raised from Blackfin, Partech, Greenoaks

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