The cash flow management tool tailored to media production companies

The cash flow management tool tailored to media production companies

Control your production projects through precise and automated monitoring of your cash flow.
Launched in 2016

Better visibility of the coming months with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast

Significant time saving thanks to automated and real-time monitoring

A simple collaboration tool for communicating data to banking or public partners

Hundreds of media production companies use Agicap to simplify their cash management

Real time monitoring

Save time: monitor your cash flow every day in just a few clicks

  • Is your monitoring your cash flow time consuming and stressful? Wish you had consolidated everything in one tool? Having trouble forecasting the VAT due?

  • Agicap cash management software provides a consolidated, accurate and reliable view of your cash flow thanks to bank synchronisation and automatic categorisation of your disbursements.

  • With Agicap you control your payment schedule, track your overdue invoices, automate the application of different VAT rates depending on the services you provide.

Cash flow forecast

Draw up your cash flow forecasts with supreme simplicity

  • Do you lack visibility because you advance large sums of money for your shoots (equipment rental, extras, etc.) while you are paid at the end of the project or even 30 or 60 days later?

  • Agicap allows you to track your disbursements item by item, at the level of granularity that suits you.

  • Set up your forecast to control the evolution of costs throughout your various projects and secure your cash flow despite the intervals.

Challenge your predictions with our sensitivity analysis

Monitor your budgets and set up scenarios for the evolution of your activity

  • Set your goals and visualise the everyday challenges you've faced by comparing reality to your budget.

  • Are you planning to recruit new talent to support your growth? Not sure you can pay the up-front costs of a major project? Instantly see the impact of such a decision on your future cash flow.

Collaborate easily with colleagues and partners

Communicate with your partners and manage your funding needs

  • Need to model a funding requirement or obtain documentation to communicate with your public partners?

  • Export and share reports from your Agicap cash management software and control your production company's internal and external communications.

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