The cash flow management tool designed for manufacturing

The cash flow management tool designed for manufacturing

Improve visibility of your forecast and save precious time on your cash flow monitoring.

A simple, collaborative tool, compatible with your accounting and ERP software.

Significant time saving thanks to automated and real-time monitoring

Launched in 2016

Better visibility with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast

Hundreds of industrial SMEs simplify their cash management with Agicap

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Logo - ICM ITA - Navy
Challenge your predictions with our sensitivity analysis

Plan for the future with peace of mind thanks to our intelligent forecasting system

  • Efficiently manage your cash receipts and disbursements in the short, medium and long term.

  • Anticipate future cash flow pressures with confidence.

  • Challenge your WCR with sensitivity analysis on your cash flow (investments, longer payment terms, etc.).

Agicap synchronises directly with your banks

Save time with automated, real-time tracking

  • No more manual bank reconciliation! Agicap automatically synchronises and categorises all your banking flows, securely and without error.

  • Real-time display of your achievements in relation to your objectives.

  • Invest your time in value-added analysis, not data entry.

Integrate your management tools with Agicap

Integration with your accounting and ERP software

  • Easily integrate data from your accounting and ERP software to feed your cash flow forecast.

Collaborate easily with colleagues and partners

Collaborate simply with an easy-to-use tool

  • Co-manage your cash flow as a team by sharing your dashboards in real time with your manager, CFO, accountant and financial partners.

  • Installation is extremely simple and quick.

Try it with your own data