The cash flow management tool designed for agencies

Automate your cash monitoring and free up time to focus on your core business.

Launched in 2016

Better visibility with a clear and reliable cash flow forecast

A significant time saving thanks to automated real time cash flow monitoring

A simple, collaborative tool, compatible with your accounting and ERP software

Hundreds of agencies use Agicap to simplify their cash management

Megapix'ailes X Agicap
Megapix'ailes X Agicap
Easily track your available cash with Agicap

Save time: no more cash management in Excel

  • Agicap integrates with your banks, accounting and billing tools to update your cash flow automatically.

  • Stay on top of things and refuse to be satisfied with a month-end cash flow report. Manage your branch with peace of mind with easy day-to-day monitoring of your cash flow.

Cash flow forecast

Anticipate and make the right decisions for your business

  • Spot unpaid bills at a glance and remind your customers.

  • Constantly forecast your cash flow at 1, 3, 6 or 12 months to make the right decisions and secure your financing needs.

  • Analyse each expense item and effectively reduce your costs.

Challenge your predictions with our sensitivity analysis

Set up reliable and shareable cash flow forecasts

  • Easily simulate the impact of scenarios on your cash flow: drop in turnover, hiring, short-time working, delayed loan repayments...

  • Collaborate effectively with your team, manager, CFO or accountant by sharing your dashboards.

  • In a few clicks, export clear and reliable Excel cash flow forecast reports to make it easier to obtain a loan from your banker, or funding from investors.

Integrate your management tools with Agicap

Integration with your accounting and ERP software

  • Easily integrate data from your accounting and ERP software in order to feed your cash flow forecasts.

Try it with your own data!