Agicap & QuickBooks

Automatically integrate invoices created in QuickBooks with your cash flow forecasts in Agicap

Bring up your invoices and bank flows on one interface

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Refine your forecast

Anticipate your cash flow landings

Follow easily your cash flow

Connect QuickBooks and Agicap in 2 clics

  • Track committed and outstanding invoices, directly integrated into your cash flow forecast.

  • Project yourself over 1, 3, 6 or 12 months on the basis of reliable data.

  • Set alerts to avoid unpaid invoices.

Save time on invoice tracking

  • The integration between Agicap and QuickBooks is very easy to set up. No time-consuming manual set-up or entry.

  • Follow your invoices directly from Agicap, and gain visibility.

App and Dashboard Quickbooks

The simple and innovative accounting software for entrepreneurs

  • QuickBooks is an online software that allows you to easily control your invoicing and manage your accounting from a single tool.

  • Thanks to complete dashboards, you can manage the profitability of your company.

Try it with your own data!