A cash flow software made for SMBs

Structure cash management at group level with an automated, centralised and harmonised solution.

Make your current set-up more reliable
Launched in 2016
Gain visibility in the short, medium, and long term
Improve your team's productivity

They trust us for better cash flow management

I was able to customise Agicap and connect to all of my different bank accounts with different currencies, and integrate it with Xero which is my main accounting software
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John Omisade
CEO Vive Scooters

Choose a tool adapted to your financial issues

Follow your cash receipts and disbursements in real time with Agicap

Real-time data consolidation

Increase the reliability of your cash flow data via a single source within the company
  • Automatically retrieve and categorise bank flows and balances using EBICS and DSP2 protocols.

  • Synchronise your business tools, via API, to monitor your customer and supplier balances

  • Integrate your 12-month forecast via our Excel or Google Sheets imports.

Performance management and decision-making tool

Simplify the work of the finance department with an intuitive tool that can be shared with executives and shareholders
  • Quickly visualise the difference between actual and forecast, by entity and by group vision

  • Make short-term adjustments using key indicators, dashboards, and balance sheets

  • Make long-term decisions by comparing positive and negative scenarios

Centralise, validate, and monitor your supplier invoices on an automated system

Optimise your working capital by reducing your DSO and paying at the right time
  • Analyse the key figures for your various items (DPO, DSO, aging balance, outstanding amounts, etc.)

  • Structure and automate your late invoice follow-ups

  • Save time on your multi-bank payments with the emission of SEPA files

Optimise your cash flow with more accurate management

Our native integrations allow us to interface with your management software

  • Synchronisation between Agicap and your management tools (ERP, accounting, payment, expense management, invoicing, CRM)

  • Automatic transmission of all your customer and supplier receivables from your business tools into Agicap

  • Updated daily with your quotes, purchase orders and invoices in the Agicap cash flow forecast

A solid eco-system

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The three perks of using Agicap

Premium support with a dedicated account manager
  • Complete set-up of the solution within a few weeks

  • Personalised, responsive and expert support from our in-house team

  • Instant responses from our cash flow experts

Separate management of user rights
  • 100% flexible user access definition per user profile

  • Your company's financial data at an optimal level of security

Cash at your fingertips, thanks to the mobile application
  • Consult your balances wherever you are with the mobile application

  • Follow-up of cash receipts and disbursements

  • Anticipate changes in your cash flow and optimise your cash flow accordingly

Try it with your own data