Working at AGICAP : Mission and Values

We are a group of entrepreneurial minds united by a love of helping businesses grow, a passion for problem-solving, and a soft spot for cash flow.

Agicap is fundamentally rethinking the way businesses plan and manage one of their biggest pain points, naturally cash flow, that by centralising their bank accounts and their management and forecasting tools, to allow leaders to focus their efforts on the fundamental essentials: analysis and decision-making.

Founded in 2016, right in the heart of the city of Lyon. From 3 founders, with more than €17 Million raised since 2019, we have grown to be more than 200 people strong across Lyon, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, (soon to be many more)!

Agicap is the number one solution that is helping more than 3000+ businesses across Europe, have better cash flow habits and a firm grasp on the future of their business, in industries such as retail, hospitality and manufacturing.

Each employee has a big impact on the company's success. Making Agicap a great place to work is part of how we define success. We’re committed to building a company where people can grow while creating an environment where they’re excited to do what they are good at, and build their careers.

🌍 Our ambition : being the European leader !

Our mission is to help as many CEOs as possible better manage their business. Our goal is to have 10,000 customers by the end of 2021.

Therefore, we are looking for the best talents who share our values :


🏆 We aim for excellence. Hypergrowth is a very challenging stage for a company. Thus we need to hire, grow and retain the best talent in the European market at every stage of our value chain and history. That's why our recruitments are very selective to guarantee this level of excellence. Month after month, we set for ourselves big hairy goals that we aren't afraid to chase.


👍 We have to make a difference, as a company but also as an employee, internally and with our clients. Having a impact means that our clients must see a very concrete and profound impact on their cash flow and their ability to make decisions supported by their cash flow once Agicap is set up. Everything we develop meets our users' needs, but we always prioritize what will have the greatest impact. Then, each of us at our own level constantly take actions that have a concrete impact and advance our collective ambition and roadmap.


👪 We want to create this European leader together, to serve and strengthen the European entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is essential at Agicap to be a team player as we are a team, not a sum of individuals. We truly believe in collective excellence rather than individual excellence. This notion of team goes beyond Agicap's employees to include the clients we serve and without whom we would go nowhere.


🤝 We always have everything to learn, from each other and from our clients, and we are eager to learn to improve ourselves individually and collectively. We must aim for the utmost satisfaction of all our customers, regardless of their MRR amount, and welcome all the feedback they have to give on our product. Internally, we must speak truth to power and provide each other constantly with feedback that helps us grow. Finally, we are not afraid of failure or of questioning what seems to work in order to improve it again and again.

Carrer Page Head

If you share our values and if you are attracted by our strong entrepreneurial culture, contact us. We are looking for talented, passionate and ambitious people ready to join this adventure ! 💪🚀

💙 Join us if you dare !  👉👉 AGICAP Careers page

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