Working at AGICAP : Mission and Values

Our startup AGICAP is growing very quickly. We have hired more than 150 employees with different backgrounds in one year, in France and Germany.

Founded in 2016 by three entrepreneurs from Lyon, Sébastien, Clément and Lucas, AGICAP’s mission is to help SMB manage and forecast their cash flows.

We foster an entrepreneurial culture where each employee is empowered and is growing with the organization thanks to continuous education and hands-on training. Each employee has a big impact on the company's success.

Therefore, we are looking for the best talents who share our values :


🌍 Our ambition : being the European leader !

We are already 150 members engaged in the development of AGICAP. We are conquerors, with incredible energy and enthusiasm, highly motivated to accomplish our mission : to help as many CEOs as possible better manage their business. Our goal is to have 10,000 customers by the end of 2021.


👍 We are extremely customer and even prospect centric. In the way we interact with our prospects, advise our customers, build our product, we listen more than we talk. Our users are also at the center of our decisions. 100% of what we develop meets our users' needs. Cashflow management can be a source of stress for our customers, so we show a lot of humility and empathy.


👪 We are a team, not a sum of individuals. Our processes and successes are based on this team spirit. In a cooperative and caring environment, we want to achieve our common goals by sharing our knowledge. Communication is transparent, an all-hands meeting is held every Monday to share the company's business results and highlights.


🏆 We aim for excellence. Our recruitments are very selective to guarantee this level of excellence. We are a top level startup where you can learn a lot and develop skills in multiple areas. Everyone can evolve with real autonomy, responsibility and proactivity.

Carrer Page Head

If you share our values and if you are attracted by our strong entrepreneurial culture, contact us. We are looking for talented, passionate and ambitious people ready to join this adventure ! 💪🚀

💙 Join us if you dare !  👉👉 AGICAP Careers page

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