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Ascencion and Agicap join forces to automate your cash management. Manage your business with real-time monitoring and make reliable forecasts.

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Easily track your available cash with Agicap

Improve visibility with reliable cash flow forecasts

  • Synchronise all your bank accounts in one place and benefit from a global view

  • Track your cash inflows and outflows in real time and get an accurate analysis of your cash flow

  • Automatically categorise your flows and save time

Follow your cash receipts and disbursements in real time with Agicap

Gain visibility to anticipate the future

  • Connect your billing and ERP tools directly

  • Optimise your working capital requirements (WCR)

  • Create and monitor your cash flow forecast versus actual

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Make decisions based on reliable data

  • Simulate the impact of your scenarios on your cash flow

  • Analyse your data with charts

  • Export and share your analyses via Excel

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