Valoptim, the property developer on top of its cash flow

Business sector: Real estate
Size: From 1 to 50 employees
Where: Paris area
Cashflow challenges: need for a consolidated view of cash flow within a group

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Managing cash flow accurately and consistently is no easy task. The task becomes even more complex when the challenge of managing different activities and multiple bank accounts is added. Indeed, this requires a great consolidation effort, which is often time-consuming and stressful. Find out how Edouard Pellerin, President of the Valoptim group, manages his cash flow with ease.

A clear and consolidated view of cash flow

Valoptim has three main activities in the real estate sector: real estate development, a land activity and a service activity, i.e. management, maintenance and facility management. The multiplication of activities makes cash management particularly complex and visibility particularly limited. "Cash management is something fundamental to the promotion business, because if you don't have your own funds you can't borrow money," says Edouard Pellerin.

To meet these cash flow challenges, Agicap connects directly to Valoptim's banks and thus provides a consolidated, real-time view of its cash flows. "Something that is fundamental for me is being able to consolidate by activity sector in the blink of an eye", "but also to have an overall consolidation with all the companies to check that everything is running smoothly overall and that this happens very, very quickly" adds the company manager.

Valoptim Agicap

Save precious time

Gone are the days of laborious data entry in Excel! Agicap cash management software automates this task which quickly becomes difficult to manage, when done manually. "In Excel, as well as being time-consuming, the mere act of entering, copying and pasting information from a bank site generates errors," says Edouard Pellerin. He continues: "Today things are done fully automatically and instantaneously."

"You don't need to be an accountant or CFO to use Agicap, the software is very easy to use."
Edouard Pellerin, Chairman of the Valoptim Group

Drawing up cash flow forecasts

Managing several activities simultaneously also implies real forward planning. Agicap therefore helps the Valoptim group visualise the repercussions of the various decisions. "We really appreciate the fact that we can do simulations," says Edouard Pellerin. Indeed, Agicap has the advantage of being able to simulate the impacts of the various anticipated scenarios, which is essential for rigorous and precise control of cash flow forecasts.

Real estate cash flow forecasts

For the president of the Valoptim group, the Agicap experience can be summed up in one phrase: "peace of mind". Agicap provides extremely valuable information to make cash management simple

To manage your cash flow with complete peace of mind, try Agicap cash flow management tool free of charge and without obligation.