The sourcing table reaps the benefits of good cash management

Business sector: Wine, E-Commerce
Size: 1 to 50 employees
Where: London
Cashflow challenges: I need to take strategic decisions

William Burgess is the managing director of a e-commerce wine shop. They started the company in 2020 and have seen the customers interest growing through the years. Now that the company is expanding they wish they could spend less time building their cash flow but rather take strategic decisions.

Find out how Agicap simplifies this management and allows William to run his business with peace of mind.

Have visibility on projects in the face of increased activity

At The Sourcing Table they needed an overview of their cash flow status they could rely on. Excel was no longer an option as they could not follow closely the money coming in and going out. "Agicap gives us a very clear outline of what our predicted cash flow is going to be, which really helps us make day to day decisions in the company. " He is also more confident in the future because he knows all the data are accurate and updated in real time. "One of the key benefits for me whilst using Agicap is having a sense of security, of knowing what is going to happen".

"Agicap has become quite an essential tool for us as an online e-commerce business"
William Burgess, Managing director of The Sourcing Table

Categorising cash flows and gaining precision

To gain precision in his cash flow management turned to the cash flow management software Agicap. They now have the automatic categorisation of their expected payments that allows them to know exactly where they are. He shares with us how he uses it:

"So one of the major issues that Agicap solved for us was helping us keep control of our expenditure. What we predict is going to happen, which is particularly essential in an industry like Wine, where margins are so small that any errors in sort of cash flow calculation can be quite costly for quite a long period."

Satisfied with his regular use of Agicap, William Burgess concludes:  "Agicap has become a bit of a morning activity for me. It's something I always check when I first come into work."

If you also want to manage your cash flow, discover the Agicap software now with a free trial and without obligation.