SquadPal, the startup that manages its cash flow smoothly

Business sector: App, Startup
Size: 1 to 10 employees
Where: London
Cashflow challenges: Controlling high working capital requirement in a period of rapid business growth

Manage your cash flow easily with Agicap

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Cash flow is the main KPI that startups look at. SquadPal is no exception to the rule : knowing their runway and burn rates is essential to their growth!

The CEO and co-founder, Robinson Nouveau, was looking for a tool that would allow him to track every cash flow movement in one place. He used to spend hours taking extracts from Xero and his bank to create financial reports for his team and investors but it was taking too much time. Instead of wasting time on this he wished he would focus more on taking strategic decisions. With Agicap they now benefit from real time data and avoid time consuming manual processes that used to distract them from taking important decisions

"The reason I like Agicap is because it's extremely fast. The connection with your banks is instant, it saves you a lot of time. It's very user friendly."
Robinson Nouveau, CEO, S

Banking integration made easy

With Agicap Robinson connects all his bank and can track the data in real time. Now he is finally serene about what is really coming in and going out. He can also add scenarios to compare with the actual forecast and anticipate if the investment will be viable or not.

This features in Agicap is one of his favorite as it makes it easier to share the financial consequences of strategic decisions to the other co-founders, bankers or even potential investors.

Financial communication: reports at a glance The management tool remains very user-friendly: entering budgetary data only takes a few minutes each month and the presentation of the data allows the company's decision-makers to put their flows into perspective and to anticipate cash flow difficulties and dips.

Another benefit of using Agicap is that the organisation of data in clear tables and graphs facilitates the design of reports for internal and external communication with investors. "For startups undergoing hypergrowth, Agicap is the ideal tool for effectively managing their cash flow," says Robinson Nouveau.

If you want to control your cash flow, save precious time and prepare your reports in a few moments, try it for free!