Pontoon & Dock Marine Group

Where: Staffordshire, UK
Cashflow challenges: I want a reliable overview of my cashflow with increased visibility for my entire team
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Chris Moss is the general manager at Pontoon & Dock Marine Group, a group of companies in the marine sector and material handling sector, and they recently subscribed to Agicap to improve their overview on cash flow and to boost collaboration within their company.

In the past, Chris explains that they had a couple of times when bad cash flow management hit the business. The current economic situation is making it more difficult because they are seeing a lot less retail inquiries.

Before switching to Agicap, Pontoon & Dock tracked their cash flow in several ways. Some of it was tracked by Chris Moss, general manager, and some of it was tracked by his boss. Some of it was tracked via their accounting software, and some of it was in a spreadsheet. This meant the information was fragmented and not available for everyone who needed it.

One of the big benefits of going with Agicap was that it means it's just a single point where we can get all the information we need. Before, we had an Excel file that three or four of us could see. Now each business is visible to each company head, and then myself and my boss can see all of it together. So the right people get the right information in real time, instead of once a month at a meeting.
Chris Moss, General Manager, Pontoon & Dock Marine Group

Chris explains that even though the Excel spreadsheet that they used worked fine, switching to Agicap meant a more fluid process that boosted productivity by allowing him to focus on more value-added tasks.

We have always used an Excel spreadsheet, and it's worked fine, and we've got through over ten years doing it that way. But the switch to Agicap just meant time, essentially. It suddenly changed how we work for the better.
Chris Moss, General Manager, Pontoon & Dock Marine Group

Chris believes that being able to pull out proper data in real time will help with decision-making in the business moving forward.