Pizza Hut, the franchise that controls its cash flow

Business sector: Restaurant
Where: Nice, France
Cashflow challenges: Parallel management of the cash flow of 3 franchised establishments

Managing multiple franchises and ensuring the successful development of all establishments simultaneously can be a time-consuming task. When owning To better understand these issues, let's look at the case of three Pizza Hut franchises managed since 2011 by Jean-Marie Cavalier, a restaurateur who is planning to open two additional restaurants.

Pizza Hut

Juggling multiple institutions is a complex task

If managing cash flow for a single company is not a simple matter, juggling several institutions seems to be an impossible task, especially when the data is entered manually and you want to achieve maximum precision and rigour. At first, Jean-Marie Cavalier thought he could get away with it: "I connected to the bank, I had an Excel file that allowed me to have an approximate follow-up, it was time-consuming because it was not automated and my accountant sent me feedbacks every month, institution by institution, without consolidation," he says. He soon realised that this system was not viable in the long term, especially with the new projects he was dreaming of setting up.

Controlling your cash flow forecast

The restaurant sector is known for its sensitivity to the economic context in which it operates. The experience of Pizza Hut franchisees bears witness to this: already weakened in 2016 following the 14 July attacks in Nice, they were hit hard again with the arrival of the COVID-19 health crisis. These upheavals led Jean-Marie Cavalier to choose Agicap's cash management software to build projections and develop different scenarios based on the risks and opportunities identified.

Pizza Hut
Although each company has its own cash flow and each company has its own economy, our vision of the group allows us to project more global investments into the future.
Jean Marie Cavalier, Pizza Hut manager

Keeping control of his cash management

For Jean-Marie Cavalier, Agicap allows him to monitor his cash flow in real time. "Every morning I connect to Agicap, the data is automatically sent back from the bank and I only have to check that the entries have been correctly allocated," he says. This has enabled him to become more autonomous with regard to his accountant, to be more reactive in his management and to secure his business.

"If I used to be able to drive in the fog, now I drive my business with a much clearer view of my cash flow."
Jean Marie Cavalier, Pizza Hut Manager

Agicap also allows him to export data and present them to his associates, partners, banks and investors. Jean-Marie says: "Recently, Agicap enabled me to approach my bank with much greater simplicity and professionalism, and we were able to work on the forecasts that I had produced."

If you would also like to ensure the economic health of your institution by managing your cash flow with greater precision and security, contact us!