Merci Handy, the brand that controls the colors of its cash flow statement

Business sector: Commerce
Size: 50 to 200 employees
Where: Paris, France
Cashflow challenges: Controlling high working capital requirement in a period of rapid business growth

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Sales estimates, management of payment deadlines and inventory are vital for the co-founder of the Merci Handy brand launched in Paris in 2015. After marketing a hand cleansing gel with rainbow extracts, the next step was to master the colours of the cash flow statement to make new products shine.

Find out how Louis Marty runs Merci Handy with peace of mind!

Manage your production and sales cycles

The co-founder of Merci Handy admitted that he did not manage his cash flow before using Agicap. "We had the comfort of having raised money. So we had a big enough reserve to make it work," he said. "Then, little by little, we put tools in place internally, including Excel, starting each month with what we had in our bank account". "Excel is very reliable as a tool, but it is very prone to the human errors that can be made," says Merci Handy's founder.

Nevertheless, cash flow issues are very important in the management of a company that creates and markets products: "We have purchasing cycles, sales cycles, we have payment terms that vary from one supplier and one customer to another," Louis details. The aim was therefore to acquire a financial tool that would allow the company to optimise its cash flow.

"We switched to Agicap, and it was a real game changer for us."
Louis Marty, CEO of Merci Handy
Merci Handy - 1

Managing a growing business and establishing accurate and rigorous forecasts

"When there's a sudden increase in activity, you can find yourself in a difficult situation, and that's when you need tools capable of measuring this unanticipated gap," says Louis Marty. Merci Handy's sales began a period of strong growth, which brought about new questions: "We had a WCR of 100. Today, it's up to 150. How are we going to finance the extra 50? Do we have the cash to do it internally? Or do we have to go out and seek external funding? It's a big issue because if you don't have products and you can't buy, you can't sell."

In order to get a grip on his near future, the founder of Merci Handy took advantage of his favourite feature on Agicap: the creation of scenarios. "What if we lose this client? What if we can't get these products? What's going to happen? So I create scenarios to reassure myself about our business," says Louis Marty.

Easy-to-use treasury software and a considerable time saver

Agicap is very easy to use and saves precious time: no more need to amuse yourself making curves and graphs on Excel. "Agicap does it automatically and I just export the graphic and insert it into my presentation for a bank loan or send it directly to my banker. So it's a huge time saver because there's no reprocessing of information," says Louis Marty. The Agicap solution is therefore very useful with respect to the external communication of his shop: "We send data directly from Agicap for banking and investment needs." "We have three different banking partners," adds Merci Handy's co-founder. It is therefore essential for him to be able to centralise the information from his various accounts on Agicap.

"We decided to switch to Agicap because of the reliability of the information and the fact that we have a connection to all our bank accounts."
Louis Marty, CEO of Merci Handy

"It is an ultra operational tool for me," concludes Louis Marty.

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