Valoptim, the property developer that manages its cash flow thanks to Agicap

Business sector: Real Estate
Size: 1 to 50 employees
Where: Paris, France
Cashflow challenges: Managing cash flow

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The Valoptim group has chosen to manage its cash flow using Agicap to ensure it is properly managed, thanks to its ease of use, the ability to consolidate and the reliability of its data.

Read Edouard's account to find out how Agicap is used within the group to manage the cash position of its various activities.

Very specific cash flow challenges

The Valoptim group operates in three different business lines: property development, real estate and services (management and maintenance).

In a sector such as property development, cash flow management is essential. You need equity to be able to borrow money.

Edouard Pellerin decided to subscribe to Agicap, which guaranteed that he would no longer have to do the time-consuming and error-prone work he had been doing in Excel. He is now very satisfied with the automation and time-saving benefits of the tool.

"Today, things are done extremely automatically and instantaneously. You don't need to be an accountant or financial director to use Agicap, it's a very easy-to-use software package."
Edouard Pellerin, Chairman of the Valoptim Group
Managing Valoptim's cash position

Thanks to Agicap, Valoptim is better prepared for the future

Thanks to Agicap's scenario functionality, Edouard is able to foresee different possibilities for his business, and make the best decisions.

We really appreciate the fact that we can run simulations, for example to see if we've rented out the empty property again, or to get a better idea of our cash flow.
Edouard Pellerin, Chairman of the Valoptim Group

A consolidated view of cash flow, essential to Valoptim

For Valoptim, adopting Agicap has enabled them to benefit from a consolidated view of their activities.

What's fundamental for me is to be able to do consolidated reports by business sector in the blink of an eye, but also to have a super consolidated report with all the companies to see if everything is going well overall.
Edouard Pellerin, Chairman of the Valoptim Group

"Agicap gave us a great deal of peace of mind thanks to extremely accurate information".

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