DaxMedia the media agency that master its working capital requirement

Business sector: Media Agency
Where: Copenhagen
Cashflow challenges: Controlling high working capital requirement in a period of rapid business growth

Manage your cash flow easily with Agicap

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For a media agency, the multiplication of flows and extended payment deadlines make cash flow monitoring particularly complex and time-consuming: the Excel monitoring file quickly becomes a gas factory.

Find out how Alfred Pries Jensen, co-founder of DaxMedia agency, manages his cash flow simply with Agicap.

Simplify cash management work and save precious time

For the past years, DaxMedia has seen his number of clients and projects grow rapidly. "We needed an automatic solution that would allow us to track this easily" says Alfred. Faced with such growth, the manager of this company chose Agicap to manage its cash flow efficiently and at a lower cost.

Accurate, real-time cash flow monitoring

Agicap has enabled DaxMedia to monitor its bank balances very accurately on a daily basis. The cash management software is directly linked to the company's bank account and the cash flows are automatically synchronised, providing clear and simple monitoring of cash inflows and outflows in real time.

In short, for DAxMedia, Agicap is a quick-to-implement solution that provides a simple and clear vision of its cash flow.

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