Like Aux Dés Calés, avoid gaps in your cash flow forecasts

Business sector: Restaurant
Size: SMEs (< £10 million turnover, up to 50 employees)
Where: Paris
Cashflow challenges: Facilitating the management of multiple facilities

Aux Dés Calés, a new warm and welcoming bistro, has opened two restaurants in Paris 17 and 18, offering home-made food made with products selected to be ecologically responsible. Ludovic Chaplain, the manager, initially needed to better monitor the cash flow of his two restaurants. Beyond the day-to-day management, Agicap has enabled him to go further in the management of the company to plan the development of his restaurants.

Find out how Agicap provides Aux Dés Calés with concrete solutions for managing and anticipating cash flow.

Saving time to concentrate on the essentials

In addition to being a restaurateur, you have to be able to wear several hats and master the accounting and management, procurement and human resources aspects of the business... Not always easy to organise in an already busy day-to-day life.

"I have a better view of the day-to-day management of my business. Thanks to Agicap, I earn a good 3 to 4 hours a week, which is quite important to me."
Ludovic Chaplain, CEO
Aux Dés Calés - cash flow

Saving time in cash management is often the key issue for restaurant managers, especially when they have several establishments. Ludovic can now focus on the development of his restaurants and visualise several possible scenarios, directly in Agicap.

Facilitating the management of several establishments

Managing several establishments can quickly become complex when information is not centralised and consolidated: "Today, I don't have to fill in tables and I have immediate visibility," explains Ludovic. By gathering data in the same tool, Ludovic has access to reliable data in real time. 

Aux Dés Calés - front door

"For the two restaurants, I open Agicap and I have the cash flow on the two banks, the movements that have been made" Ludovic Chaplain, manager of Aux Dés Calés. With Agicap, it is thus possible to check that the cash flow monitoring carried out is in correlation with the forecasts, and if this is not the case, to identify why. Thanks to Agicap, Aux Dés Calés Agicap can anticipate its cash flow while relying on a unique, reliable and useful management tool to make the right decisions. 

Successful adoption and support

 Thanks to clear explanations, Agicap was quickly adopted by Aux Dés Calés: "I was able to contact your sales department, which called me back quickly and explained how Agicap works". By monitoring his cash flow more closely, Ludovic Chaplain was able to identify expenses that were no longer really useful to him and was able to stop these services, while gaining in efficiency.

"I am very, very happy today"
Ludovic Chaplain, CEO
Aux Dés Calés - cash management in the restaurant industry

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