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Are you really managing your cash flow?

Cash flow management often takes a backseat to accounting because, well, the latter is mandatory. Yet there are huge benefits for companies that treat cash as a key input for decision making, not an output.
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Cash is King

Cash is King

  • Cash is absolute, everything else is relative. You have it or you don’t. There is no inbetween.

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Money talks
You get it - we want to help you put cash management front and center. This is why Agicap exists. But, as important as this is, cash is ultimately a means to achieve bigger things. We are amazed every day by the stories of our customers after they’ve taken control of their cash flow. And we'd love for you to become one of them.
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Use the right tools

Manage your cashflow with ease

Agicap, the #1 cash flow management tool

  • Improve visibility with reliable cash flow forecasts

  • Gain visibility to anticipate the future

  • Make decisions based on reliable data

A software that meets the cash management needs of all companies

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Anticipate the future

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Easily track your available cash with Agicap

Improve visibility with reliable cash flow forecasts

  • Synchronise all your bank accounts in one place and benefit from a global view

  • Track your cash inflows and outflows in real time and get an accurate analysis of your cash flow

  • Automatically categorise your flows and save time

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