The Sales Department at Agicap

We want to accelerate the development of our client portfolio in Europe by recruiting the best hunters, closers, and salespeople to help us achieve our goal of maintaining monthly growth on our MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

We want to revolutionize the management of cash flow monitoring and forecasting for SMEs, which is a major source of stress for managers. Our ambition is to become the global financial management solution in Europe. So, we are looking for the best talents who want to help us achieve our ambitions!

We are committed to building a company where people can grow and build their careers. We are looking for great talents who aim for excellence, and are ready to join this adventure! Want to learn more? Let's zoom in on the Sales Department!

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At Agicap, we want to empower business owners in Europe to make better decisions based on what matters the most to them: their cash flow. More than 3,500 companies see the value of our cash flow management tool. Agicap has value for all businesses, whatever their sector of activity or location, because day-to-day cash flow management knows no borders and is a pain point across all business sectors. That's why we are so proud to be working with clients in sectors such as retail, catering, property development and business services.

The Commercial Value Chain at Agicap

The Marketing Department is in charge of prospect lead generation

The Marketing Department’s overall goal is to boost Agicap’s reputation to contribute to our goal of becoming the leading brand in cash management for SMEs in Europe. The five teams within the Marketing Department generate leads through inbound and outbound channels like paid marketing on social media, events like webinars and conferences, creating content of value for our clients, and carrying out public relation activities. Once these activities generate leads, Marketing passes them onto the Sales Department, and a Sales Development Representative takes over.

The Sales Development Representatives qualify leads

During the first phone call with a lead, a Sales Development Representative (SDR) identifies the needs and pain points. How they do it? First, by understanding why cashflow is important for the prospect. It can be linked to their sector of activity, the structure of their company, or even the current financial situation the company is facing. Once the SDR has understood why cashflow is important for the prospect, their next goal is to understand how the company currently manages its cash flow: what tools they use, using which data, and the processes in place. Once the SDR has all this information and sees how Agicap will help the prospect, the next step is to book a demonstration of our tool so that they see it with their own eyes.

The Account Executives offer demonstrations

The Account Executive does a demonstration with the lead to explain how Agicap resolves the pain-points and difficulties previously identified by the Sales Development Representative. The Account Executive then closes the deal and activates the subscription. Lead qualification is therefore a major focus in our sales practice.

The Customer Success Department ensures client success

As soon as there is a new subscription, the Customer Success Department takes over to manage the training and account setup of new users. They also handle customer support and account management for existing users.

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The Sales Development Representative’s objectives

The Sales Development Represntative’s (SDR) objective is to qualify leads and identify their needs.

An SDR spends 90% of their time prospecting leads; in our sales process, they are the hunters. They send emails, hunt on LinkedIn, and make about 80 or 90 calls a day. Of these calls, they have about 10 conversations with potential clients that last from 10 to 15 minutes. On average, they book 3 to 4 demos with an Account Executive per day.

SDRs at Agicap have a lot of control over this process. Our SDRs don’t just send emails and make phone calls; they create their sales strategy for each lead and stay in contact with them even after the Account Executive takes over.

SDRs at Agicap understand the market, different industries, companies, and their business-models. They use this knowledge in conversations with leads to identify if there is strong tension on cash flow and therefore a need for a cash flow management solution. They ask questions to understand the current situation the company is facing, and what resources they are currently using.

If they identify a need for Agicap, the SDR schedules the client a demo with an account executive.

The Account Executive’s objectives

The Account Executive’s (AE) goal is to close deals and activate subscriptions by explaining to each prospect the unique value Agicap will bring to their company.

At Agicap, AEs are the closers in the sales process. An AE has about 8 demos per day with prospects that last about 30 minutes. Before a demo, the AE makes sure they understand the company’s situation and the pain points identified by the SDR. This allows the AE to decide on what sales strategy to use. For example, if the SDR identified that a company struggles with managing the cash flow of several entities, the AE will emphasize the multi-structure tracking that Agicap offers.

After the demo, the AE negotiates with the lead and closes the deal. They then pass the new client onto Customer Success for the onboarding process.

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A culture of teamwork during the sales process

At Agicap, SDRs and AEs work together to introduce more clients to the value of our tool. This global ownership over the sales process creates a team cohesion that motivates everyone. But it’s not just the SDRs and AEs who contribute to the process: the Sales Operations Team support the SDRs and AEs daily. They enrich the lists of leads, create content for leads to help them understand the Agicap tool, and carry out other operations to support the sales process.

Clément, co-founder of Agicap, fixes the sales objectives each month. Each SDR and AE have an MRR goal to work towards. When a new client signs up at Agicap, the MRR from this closing contributes to both the SDR and AEs individual goal; this enforces the team cohesion and the culture of teamwork.

The tools and interactions with other departments

The main tools that the Sales Department uses are Slack, Hubspot (CRM, Customer Relationship Management), Agicap Admin for presenting the product, LinkedIn to find prospects, and of course, their phones for making calls.

While the Sales Department spends most of their time in contact with prospects and leads, they also stay in contact with the other departments at Agicap. The Sales Department work in close collaboration with the Marketing Department, as the generation of leads is at the heart of both of their department’s objectives. The Product Team is continuously updating the Agicap platform, and they send out release notes. Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives use these release notes to stay informed on platform features and in turn explain how those features will help leads manage their cash flow needs. The Sales Department also interacts with the Customer Success Department, because they take over after the AEs close deals.

The key success factors in Agicap Sales

  • Resilience, initiative, and high-energy with a competitive spirit to generate sales, exceed targets, and keep up with qualification calls.
  • Conscientiousness and organization with a deep understanding of the sales process and tools in order to tailor customer contact and prioritize campaigns.
  • Curiosity, empathy and sales logic to bring value, not just to sell at all costs. Qualifying a lead consists of asking questions, identifying current issues, and finding a response to these pain points.
  • Interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, and creativity with the ability to convince and inspire confidence.

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A complex and analytic profession

We asked Clément Mauguet, co-founder of Agicap, his opinion on the sales profession. Here is what he had to say:

We need to give the sales profession back its credentials: it is more complex and strategic than it seems on the surface. Before embarking on an entrepreneurial project, you must start with business development. It's a job that requires rigor and discipline, with real intelligence during conversations to allow a prospect to express their needs.

Business development is the art of making your interactions intelligent. It’s similar to consulting: there is a very scientific approach that requires the use of precise tools and methods, as well as a lot of preparation before and after meetings. At Agicap, the Marketing Department sends leads to the Sales Department. Then, they qualify and prospect the leads by contacting them directly, which represents about forty meetings per week.

To become a salesperson, you need to have a strong desire to understand our contacts’ businesses by understanding each call in all its specificity (context, persona, timing, etc.) At Agicap, we like people with a real sense of team spirit, who are supportive and like to spend time with their teammates.

Rituals in the Sales Department

New employees in Sales can rely on a mentor during the onboarding process, who can answer all their questions. Beyond individual performance, there is a collective dynamic where everyone shares their feedback and know-how during team and individual meetings. This team spirit is the key to the success of the Sales Department. The team spends time together outside of work, and evenings and afterworks with all employees, to release tension and foster a positive team dynamic.

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The onboarding process for the Sales Department

As Agicap expands internationally, Lyon remains the company’s headquarters. That means that every new Agicapian comes to Lyon for their onboarding. New international Sales members will spend one month in Lyon undergoing training and learning our company culture.

During general onboarding, new Agicapians will get the opportunity to attend presentations led by each head of department to understand how Agicap is structured and what each department is responsible for. Since new Agicapians come from different countries and speak different languages, we do our onboarding presentations in English.

In the Sales Department, we assign a manager to each newcomer, so they have a guide to help train them and accompany them during their first few weeks at Agicap. The manager will take time to understand each new member’s reason for joining the team and their professional goals, so they can provide the guidance and resources necessary to achieve them.

New team members will quickly understand the impact they have on Agicap, because within the first two days at Agicap they start making sales calls. But we do not judge newcomers on results right away; we value passion and want to see our team members dare to make an impact.

Are you ready?

We are committed to building a company where people can grow and build their careers. We are looking for great talents who aim for excellence, and are ready to join the adventure! Are you ready? Check out our opportunities in the Sales Department here.

Co-Founder Clément has a message for those who want to join the adventure.

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