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Seamlessly integrate your cash flow data in Agicap

Agicap gathers all your cash flow data from your banks & business tools to provide an accurate view of your cash flow.

A single interface to manage your cash flow

Cash flow monitoring

Manage your cash flow without error and make decisions based on data

  • Real-time cash flow monitoring

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Integration with your business tools

  • Multi-entities management

  • Analysis reports

  • Mobile application

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Customer follow-ups

Get paid in one click and automate your customer reminders

  • Automatic reminders

  • Personalisation of customer reminders

  • Filter due date follow-ups by customer

  • Real time receivables tracking

  • Accounts receivable reporting

  • Collaborative platform

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Supplier Invoice Management

Automate the management of supplier invoices

  • Automated scanning

  • Simplified invoice validation

  • User rights management

  • Pre-accounting export

Find all the data from your accounting software and payment providers

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A software that meets the cash management needs of all companies

Easily track your available cash with Agicap

Improve visibility with reliable cash flow forecasts

  • Synchronise all your bank accounts in one place and benefit from a global view

  • Track your cash inflows and outflows in real time and get an accurate analysis of your cash flow

  • Automatically categorise your flows and save time

Follow your cash receipts and disbursements in real time with Agicap

Gain visibility to anticipate the future

  • Connect your billing and ERP tools directly

  • Optimise your working capital requirements (WCR)

  • Create and monitor your cash flow forecast versus actual

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Make decisions based on reliable data

  • Simulate the impact of your scenarios on your cash flow

  • Analyse your data with charts

  • Export and share your analyses via Excel

Experts at your service

Experts at your service

Our team of cash management specialists will assist you in setting up Agicap, answer all your questions and help you become adept, so that managing your cash flow becomes a real pleasure!

The security of your data is at the core of our concerns

The security of your data is at the core of our concerns

  • At Agicap, we take the security of the information you share with us very seriously

  • All the data we store is encrypted using high-performance algorithms, the same as those used by banks

  • To enhance the security of your Agicap account, you can also set up two-factor authentication (2FA)

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